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Last week on Instagram Stories, I shared a brief tutorial: How I plan 1 week and sometimes 1 month of blog content in one day. I love batching to-dos at With Grace and Gold, so Mondays are the day when I plan, write, and schedule all of our content. Today, I’m excited to share 3 tips for writing purposeful blog content for your audience – tips I use and apply each time I write our blog content!

3 Tips for Writing Purposeful Blog Content by With Grace and Gold

3 Tips for Writing Purposeful Blog Content

  1. Think about what your audience wants, rather than what you want. When I sit down to plan our blog content, I think about what our audience of creative women in business would like to learn more about. What questions do they have on a daily basis? What areas of their businesses might they want to learn more about? When I put myself in our audience’s shoes, I am able to plan blog posts that are meaningful and helpful.
  2. Acknowledge that your blog post may be read today, next week, next month, or next year. Next, I try to write evergreen blog content — content that will be relevant today, tomorrow, next week, and next year. Of course, with speedy changes in technology, it isn’t always easy to do. However, I do try to write about business topics that will be helpful and relevant for awhile!
  3. Write your content as if you were speaking directly to one person. Finally, I try to write our content to “one person” — the person reading the blog post. When you write to one person, it’s easier to be conversational, to be helpful, and to bring the reader along on a journey. It’s when we try to write to “everyone” that blog content can be tough to write!

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