When you’re a small business owner, you balance so many details to keep your business running and growing; not only do you manage your products, services, and the way you serve your customers and clients, but perhaps you also manage communication, bookkeeping, social media marketing, newsletter marketing, and more. With so much to manage, it’s likely you’d prefer for small business ownership to be even a bit easier, so you could experience a better balance of working on and in your business, and experience greater work-life balance overall. Today, we’re exploring 5 ways to make small business ownership easier.

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5 Ways to Make Business Ownership Easier

Welcome to Episode 172 of the Brand It, Build It Podcast: 5 Ways to Make Business Ownership Easier

Every small business is unique, but I’m a firm believer in how small, purposeful approaches can make a big difference in the way your business operates overall. While small business ownership is rarely easy, there are key ways we can make our journeys as small business owners easier. Let’s explore 5:  

  1. Ask whether your products and services can be pared down. Sometimes, as small business owners, we build too much complexity within our own businesses. While many revenue streams and many offerings can be a great strategic decision, if you don’t yet have the team or infrastructure in place to support those revenue streams, they can cause even more overwhelm. Is it possible your services and products could be pared down, or even simplified? What would happen if you focused your business wholeheartedly on the most profitable offerings within your business? Could you better create your niche, or more consistently connect with and book clients? Sometimes, less is more in small business ownership, and paring down your products and services can help you to regroup, simplify, and streamline – while maintaining or or even increasing revenue.
  2. Leverage technology. Embrace resources and systems for automating and simplifying your operations. From project management systems to bookkeeping systems, technology can equip you to streamline your processes, and therefore, your business. Systems like Honeybook, Dubsado, 17Hats, AislePlanner, and more are among the systems many of our clients at With Grace and Gold choose to use on behalf of their businesses. Our recommendation is to sign up for free trials from various systems – and to determine which systems align best with how you prefer to stay organized and how you envision serving your clients.
  3. Streamline your processes. What does the step-by-step process for journeying through your services look like? Put yourself in the shoes of your clients, and think about each and every step – big and small. Can any steps of your process be simplified? Should the order of your steps change in some way? Can similar steps be condensed or combined? When you’ve determined your processes, you can use your chosen systems to program your processes in — and automate your business with purpose.
  4. Outsource strategically. As business owners, we often have a tendency to take on everything ourselves. However, outsourcing certain tasks can save time, reduces stress, and allow you to focus on what you do best. Identify the areas of your business where you can benefit from outsourcing, such as bookkeeping, social media management, or graphic design. By delegating these tasks to experienced professionals, you can generate high-quality work on behalf of your business, feel supported, and experience more freedom in your schedule.
  5. Prioritize self-care and seek community. Owning a business can be demanding, so make self-care a priority by setting boundaries, scheduling breaks, and taking time for non-work-related activities that recharge you, inspire you, and help you bring your best self to your workday. Remember that a well-rested and rejuvenated business owner is better equipped to handle challenges and make sound decisions. In addition, surround yourself with a supportive community of people – business owners and non-business owners – who can provide friendship, encouragement, and support. 

Today, we explored 5 ways to make small business ownership easier. We are so hopeful these recommendations equip you to begin a smoother, more balanced season in your business journey. Thanks for tuning in!

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