Since 2014, With Grace and Gold® has provided award-winning brand and web design for small businesses.

Minnesota Brand and Web Design Studio  •  Serving Small Businesses Worldwide

With Grace and Gold® was founded in 2014 by Kelly Zugay and Andra Barkey. Our story began in a coffee shop in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, where Kelly spontaneously asked Andra, "Will you please be my friend?" And Andra said yes!

Kelly's expertise in business and education, coupled with Andra's expertise in design equip With Grace and Gold® to serve small business owners through purpose-driven brand and web design — creating a visual foundation for your small business success.

Honored as Showit Designer of the Year, With Grace and Gold® has served thousands of small business owners through award-winning, elevated brand and web design.

Kelly Zugay and Andra Barkey

Founders of With Grace and Gold®

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Andra serves as your award-winning Designer, expertly creating your connection and conversion-focused brand and web design — a brand and web design rooted in your unique vision and goals, to serve and uplift your business for the years to come.

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Kelly serves as your Project Manager, guiding you through your design process seamlessly and efficiently. Through thoughtfully and personally-created educational resources, Kelly equips you for success both during and following your purpose-driven  design process.

Andra Barkey

Co-Founder + Designer

Kelly Zugay

Co-Founder + Project Manager

Your Designer

Your Project Manager

Client Results


"With Grace and Gold is the best there is! I am beyond grateful."

Courtney-Rose, Past Client

"I feel confident our site will guide our success for years to come!"

Brooke Powell, Past Client

"For the first time, I feel confident in my business as a whole."

Jamesa Adams, Past Client

"The process is flawless! I highly recommend Kelly and Andra!"

Dana Cubbage, Past Client

"I’ve been able to book some of my highest paying clients!"

Hillside Estate, Past Clients

"In just 48 hours since Launch Day, we booked 10 consults!"

Lauren Kirkbride, Past Client

"This has elevated my business in a way nothing else has."

Katie Schubert, Past Client

"In the first month, my new bookings were valued at $20,000."

Rachel Howerton, Past Client

"Within one week, I booked 3 weddings at a higher price point!"

Jenny Vargas, Past Client

"After just one week, I booked two weddings at my new pricing."

Jennifer Tansley, Past Client

"I'm so grateful I took the leap and hired Kelly and Andra!"

Grace White, Past Client

"It depicts my brand perfectly. You were so organized and timely."

Jessica Feiden, Past Client

"This was the best decision I made for my business this year."

Hannah Strickler, Past Client

"I am over the moon about my new brand and web design!"

Sandra Williams, Past Client

"You inspired me by demonstrating what top notch service is."

Carrie King, Past Client

"I’ve never had such a personalized experience. Goals!"

Kalahan + Sean, Past Clients

"We are 100% blown away, and so confident moving forward!"

Madison Banks, Past Client

"I have never felt more confident in my business and website!"

Annmarie Swift, Past Client

"I felt taken care of and heard before the process even began!"

Caitlin + Luke, Past Clients

"Our new brand and web design embody us and so perfectly!"

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