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Equipped women to double and triple their revenue.

Empowered women to book their Ideal Client consistently.

Prepared women in business to charge their worth.

Served over 300 diverse, creative women in business.

SINCE 2014, WE HAVE joyfully:

That's our job — to create a purposeful brand and online home for you, so you can connect with your Ideal Client in a meaningful way and focus on the work you love most.

The truth is, you need your brand and web design to work for you — to help you connect with your Ideal Client in a meaningful way — even while you sleep. That's where we come in! At With Grace and Gold®, we have been honored to serve over 300 creative women in business, many of whom double — and even triple — their revenue following their experience with us.

eing a creative business owner isn't always easy. From balancing the amazing work you do, to running a business well, it's easy to become overwhelmed with questions like: "Is my brand helping — or harming — my business?"


You're just weeks away from a brand and web design you love.


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Since 2014, we've been honored to be featured by a variety of publications and organizations. From speaking engagements to interviews, we are humbled to share our expertise with viewers, listeners, and readers from all over the world.

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Honored as a top designer in Wisconsin, Andra brings her design expertise to With Grace and Gold®. Before graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, Andra began a stationery design business at age 21.

Now, she brings her entrepreneurial and design experience to serve Clients at With Grace and Gold®. Here, her goal is to provide beautiful, meaningful, and lasting branding and design for diverse women in business.

Andra calls Minneapolis home with her fellow dreamer, her husband Brent, her son, Ellis, and her pup, Elske!

Designs purposeful, professional brands and web designs.

brand Strategist & designer


With a Bachelor of Science in Business and a Master of Arts in Teaching, Kelly has long had a passion for serving and encouraging diverse women in business.

She began her career as a university-level educator, and today, she is honored to serve creative women in business at With Grace and Gold®. 

Here, Kelly's goal is to create a seamless, engaging, and fun experience from "Hello" to Launch Day.

Kelly calls Wisconsin home, with her sweet husband Ben and their baby herb garden.

Creates a seamless Client experience from beginning to end.

project manager & educator


Our business is rooted in...

FAITH, friendship, and family ARE AT THE HEART OF ALL WE DO.

Our business name, With Grace and Gold®, was formed from a couple of our favorite Bible verses!

Our business name is like our signature; from the clients we serve to the work we put forth, our sincere hope is to do everything with grace and gold. 

Our Faith

Through professional brand and web design, we hope to give business owners the gift of time — time that was once spent feeling frustrated with their brand or web design.

We aim to help creative women in business run businesses they feel proud of — businesses that serve their families well. 

Our Family

Our story began in a coffee shop, when Kelly said to Andra, "I'm new in town! Will you be my friend?" and Andra said, "Yes!" 

Over the years, we've created a business we both love to come "home" to — a place where we can be creative, serve others well, laugh, and of course, have too much fun! 

Our Friendship

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