Since 2014, With Grace and Gold® has provided award-winning brand and web design for more than 400 creative business owners.

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Through purposeful brand and web design, our mission is to help creative women in business to consistently book their Ideal Client, grow their business, and experience successful small business ownership.


just like you.


Award-winning brand and web design

Your business is so deserving of a brand and web design you love.

Being a creative business owner isn't always easy. From balancing the amazing work you do to running your business well, it's easy to feel overwhelmed with concerns like: "Is my brand helping—or harming—my business?"

The truth is, you need your brand and web design to work for you—to help you connect with your Ideal Client in a meaningful way—even while you sleep. That's where we come in!

At With Grace and Gold®, we are award-winning designers who have been honored to serve over 400 creative business owners, many of whom double—and even triple—their revenue following their one-of-a-kind Design Experience.

We're so glad you're here.

Andra Barkey

co-founder & designer

With a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, design has always been Andra's expertise. She is an award-winning designer, with over 7 years of professional design experience.

At With Grace and Gold®, Andra creates purposeful brands and web designs for diverse creative women in business.

Andra believes beautiful design should create beautiful results; she feels so proud of our past clients, many of whom double—and even triple—their revenue following their Experience.

Kelly Zugay

co-founder & PROJECT MANAGER

With a Master of Arts in Teaching, Kelly has long had a passion for serving, educating, and encouraging diverse women in business. At With Grace and Gold®, Kelly's goal is to create a seamless, engaging, and fun experience for you from "Hello" to Launch Day.

The step-by-step process she has created for every client at With Grace and Gold® allows you to not only come away with a brand and web design you love within weeks, but it also empowers you to continue focusing on the work you love doing most along the way.

A. colors
B. patterns
D. supporting your big dreams

Targets with Starbucks

A. Caribou Coffee
B. Starbucks
C. Target
D. Other:

A. Your Preferences
B. Your Ideal Client's Preferences
C. Our Design Expertise
D. All of the Above

A. light and airy
B. dark and emotive
C. natural and organic

A. Experience Renewed Purpose
B. Gain Confidence in Their Business
C. Double OR Triple Their Revenue
D. All of the Above

A. Faith
B. Family
C. Friendship
D. All of the Above

What we love most about design is:

We can usually be found at:

Every design is a balanced blend of:

Our favorite aesthetic to design in is:

Many of the clients we serve:

At With Grace and Gold, we value:

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Questions + Answers

Katie of Katie Schubert Photography

"In the first month, my bookings were valued at $20,000. I earned back my investment — times 4!"

Tarah of Tarah Elise Photography

"My revenue tripled; I booked three times more weddings than ever before!"

Rachael of Rachael Schirano Photography

"Their process is so streamlined. Working with With Grace and Gold was incredible."

Michelle of Michelle Joy Photography

"Working with them was the dream I'd hoped for. Hire Kelly and Andra; they won't let you down!"

Abby of Abby Waller Photography

"I've booked six weddings; two of those weddings have been my highest paying clients yet!"

Jenny of Jenny Vargas Photography

"After just one week, I booked two weddings at my new pricing."


"I've doubled my weekly sales since launch; it's been an unbelievable shift!"


"In just a few short months, my business has grown exponentially."


"It's been four days since launching, and I already have two bookings and three leads!"


"Within one week, I booked three weddings at a higher price point than I ever have!"