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Award-winning brand and web design

Your brand and web design should work for you — always.

At With Grace and Gold®, we wholeheartedly believe: Your purposeful, one-of-a-kind online presence should help you experience a renewed sense of purpose, confidence, and joy in your business.

Your brand and web design should communicate with your Ideal Client clearly and openly, sell your products and services genuinely, and help boost your business seamlessly.
At With Grace and Gold®, we are award-winning designers who have been honored to serve more than 400 creative business owners from all over the world, many of whom double — and even triple — their revenue following their one-of-a-kind Design Experience.

Put simply, we equip creative small business owners — just like you — with a brand and web design to help your small business become a meaningful and lasting legacy of service to others.

For your small business to truly succeed,

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"Put simply, we equip creative small business owners — just like you — with a brand and web design to help your small business become a meaningful and lasting legacy of service to others."

- Andra and Kelly

Years of friendship and business ownership.


Trip to Starbucks — every day.


Co-founders: Andra Barkey and Kelly Zugay.


Small business owners served since 2014.


The year With Grace and Gold was founded.


Customizable Showit Website Templates for Creatives

Do you prefer to DIY your web design? Choose an easy-to-customize Showit website template aligned with your vision.

Custom Brand and Web Design Services for Creatives

Come away with a one-of-a-kind brand and web design to showcase your expertise and connect with your Ideal Client.

With Grace and Gold: The Podcast — Actionable Business Education

Discover bite-sized, actionable business education. Experience true peace of mind as you run your business with purpose and strategy.

Educational Resources and Templates for Fellow Creatives

Grow your business with purpose and strategy. Meet with us for one-on-one consulting, or explore the resources we've created for you.

Here's how we serve business owners like you:

To us, your small business success matters most.

Katie of Katie Schubert Photography

"In the first month, my bookings were valued at $20,000. I earned back my investment — times 4!"

"I guarantee this is a result of my consistent, intentional, purposeful and GENUINE brand, and I can’t thank you enough! My confidence in my business has soared."

Tarah of Tarah Elise Photography

"My revenue tripled; I booked three times more weddings than ever before!"

"From the very beginning, they blew me away! It was so easy to completely put the design process in their hands, and because I did this, everything turned out better than I could've imagined!"

Rachael of Rachael Schirano Photography

"Their process is so streamlined. Working with With Grace and Gold was incredible."

"With Grace and Gold was incredible. They really got what I wanted to convey from the onset, and I had very few requests along the way. I wouldn't hesitate to work with them again!"

Michelle of Michelle Joy Photography

"Working with them was the dream I'd hoped for. Hire Kelly and Andra; they won't let you down!"

"If you're feeling stuck in your business, like you want to take it to the next level and differentiate yourself from the pack... HIRE WITH GRACE AND GOLD!"

Abby of Abby Waller Photography

"I've booked six weddings; two of those weddings have been my highest paying clients yet!"

"These ladies absolutely nailed it! From start to finish, they were so helpful and responsive - and I couldn’t believe this gorgeous new website was mine!"

Jenny of Jenny Vargas Photography

"After just one week, I booked two weddings at my new pricing."

"Please hire With Grace and Gold. Trust the process. They totally know what they are doing, and at the end you will see your brand come to life."


"I've doubled my weekly sales since launch; it's been an unbelievable shift!"

"I honestly couldn't have dreamed of something more beautiful than my brand and website. This took so much pressure off of my shoulders, and the result is mind blowing."


"In just a few short months, my business has grown exponentially."

"Andra and Kelly have built me a beautiful website that showcases my adventurous heart as well as my photography! I couldn't dream of a better website for myself. You absolutely NEED to hire them!"


"It's been four days since launching, and I already have two bookings and three leads!"

"They took my vision and delivered it TEN TIMES better than I could have ever imagined. They go above and beyond and make sure the finished product truly reflects you and your brand!"


"Within one week, I booked three weddings at a higher price point than I ever have!"

"As a glorified do-it-yourselfer, I was always updating and changing things on my website. I NEVER could have imagined that anyone could capture it so well."

Lauren of Lauren Kirkbride Photography

"I make a lot of investments . . . this elevated my business in a way nothing else has."

"They took my vision and turned it into something I would have never been able to do on my own. I believe in myself and my business more, and I would recommend them 100x over!"

Andra Barkey

co-founder & designer

With a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, design has always been Andra's expertise. She is an award-winning designer, with over 7 years of professional design experience.

At With Grace and Gold®, Andra creates purposeful brands and web designs for diverse creative women in business.

Andra believes beautiful design should create beautiful results; she feels so proud of our past clients, many of whom double — and even triple — their revenue following their Experience.

See Andra's work at With Grace and Gold:

Kelly Zugay

co-founder & Project Manager

With a Master of Arts in Teaching, Kelly has long had a passion for serving, educating, and encouraging diverse women in business. At With Grace and Gold®, Kelly's goal is to create a seamless, engaging, and fun experience for you from "Hello" to Launch Day.

The step-by-step process she has created for every client allows you to not only come away with a brand and web design you love within weeks — but it also empowers you to continue focusing on the work you love doing most along the way.

See Kelly's work at With Grace and Gold:

A. colors
B. patterns
D. supporting your big dreams

A. Caribou Coffee
B. Starbucks
C. Target
D. Disney World

A. Your Preferences
B. Your Ideal Client's Preferences
C. Our Design Expertise
D. All of the Above

A. light and airy
B. dark and emotive
C. natural and organic

A. Experience Renewed Purpose
B. Gain Confidence in Their Business
C. Double OR Triple Their Revenue
D. All of the Above

A. Faith
B. Family
C. Friendship
D. All of the Above

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