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Since 2014, With Grace and Gold® has provided award-winning brand and web design for more than 400 diverse creative business owners from all over the world.

Since 2014, With Grace and Gold® has served more than 400 creative business owners through award-winning brand and web design. Many of our clients double — and even triple — their revenue following their one-of-a-kind design process.

Your website should work for you — in every possible way.

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When you're a small business owner,

Experience our award-winning design services, and come away with a brand and web design you wholeheartedly love — in just a matter of weeks!

Recently-Celebrated Clients

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Custom Brands and Web Designs

View Michela's Design

A romantic, elevated, fine art-focused custom brand and Showit web design.

Michela Watson

View Jessica's Design

A classic, chic, and elegant custom brand and Showit website design.

Jessica K. Feiden

Christina and Aishah of Happily Hitched

"How professional everything looks has 100% contributed to us booking this client!"

"I have no doubt that all the work you did and how professional everything looks has 100% contributed to us booking this client! And what perfect timing as we raised our prices after launching our new website!"

View Christina and Aishah's Brand + Web Design

Katie of Katie Schubert Photography

"In the first month, my bookings were valued at $20,000. I earned back my investment — times 4!"

"I guarantee this is a result of my consistent, intentional, purposeful and GENUINE brand, and I can’t thank you enough! My confidence in my business has soared."

View Katie's Brand + Web Design

Jenny of Jenny Vargas Photography

"After just one week, I booked two weddings at my new pricing."

"Please hire With Grace and Gold. Trust the process. They totally know what they are doing, and at the end you will see your brand come to life."

View JEnny's Brand + Web Design

Trish of Trish Allison Photography

"I was very taken care of in their hands! I'm forever grateful for what they've done for me and my business!" 

"I'm seeing my work and my brand through a completely different lens. I have more confidence in my work than ever before! I can now really sell my services to a more high-end clientele with the belief that I AM good enough!"

View Trish's Brand + Web Design

Hannah of Design the Day Events

"You ladies are seriously THE BEST. I am over the moon about the results of my new brand and website!"

" I am over the moon about the results of my new brand and website! I appreciate you so much for stepping outside the box to create something that I am so incredibly proud to share and that is true to me and Design the Day!"

View Hannah's Brand + Web Design

Jennifer of Jennifer Clapp Photography

"The overall experience with Andra and Kelly was nothing short of AH-MAZING!"

"The process was seamless. I don't know how they did it but they were able to get into my head and figure out what I really wanted. I am so proud of my new brand and I am eager to show it off to the world."

View Jennifer's Brand + Web Design

Kalahan of Kalahan + Sean Photography

"Hire With Grace and Gold. Don't think about it for one more second."

"We are 100% blown away, and are so confident moving forward with such a gorgeous, high end website & brand! If you are thinking about hiring With Grace & Gold, just do it!"

View Kalahan + Sean

Rachael of Rachael Schirano Photography

"Their process is so streamlined. Working with With Grace and Gold was incredible."

"With Grace and Gold was incredible. They really got what I wanted to convey from the onset, and I had very few requests along the way. I wouldn't hesitate to work with them again!"

View Rachael's Brand + WEb Design

Michelle of Michelle Joy Photography

"Working with them was the dream I'd hoped for. Hire Kelly and Andra; they won't let you down!"

"If you're feeling stuck in your business, like you want to take it to the next level and differentiate yourself from the pack... HIRE WITH GRACE AND GOLD!"

View Michelle's Brand + WEb Design


"I've doubled my weekly sales since launch; it's been an unbelievable shift!"

"I honestly couldn't have dreamed of something more beautiful than my brand and website. This took so much pressure off of my shoulders, and the result is mind blowing."

View Alexandra's Brand + Web Design


"Within one week, I booked three weddings at a higher price point than I ever have!"

"As a glorified do-it-yourselfer, I was always updating and changing things on my website. I NEVER could have imagined that anyone could capture it so well."

View Rachel's Brand + Web Design

Kristie of Kristie Lea Photography

"Andra and Kelly were THE designers for the job. I am so thankful."

"I am thankful that Andra and Kelly were able to portray the breadth and body of my work in a stunning and surprising way. It was a delight to work with these ladies!"

View Kristie's Brand + Web Design

Lauren of Lauren Kirkbride Photography

"I make a lot of investments . . . this elevated my business in a way nothing else has."

"They took my vision and turned it into something I would have never been able to do on my own. I believe in myself and my business more, and I would recommend them 100x over!"

View Lauren's Brand + Web Design

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Education for Designers

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Grow your design business

The With Grace and Gold® Workshop

A must-have educational experience for designers

The With Grace and Gold® Workshop is a one-of-a-kind, online business workshop — a complete blueprint for designers who want to experience successful business ownership.

I'm ready to grow my business!


"The workshop literally changed my business forever. The information I gained was well worth $10K+."

Jacqueline Asbell

"I feel much more confident. I finally feel like I have the tools to build my business on a solid foundation."

Since 2014, With Grace and Gold has provided award-winning brand and web design for more than 400 creative small business owners. Our purposeful designs have helped small business owners from all over the world to double — and even triple — their revenue. 

With a blend of purpose, strategy, and action, we believe every small business owner can experience their definition of success. With Grace and Gold: The Podcast shares weekly, 5-minute podcast episodes with clear, actionable steps to help you experience successful small business ownership, too!

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