Since 2014, With Grace and Gold® — Showit Designer of the Year and a trusted Showit Design Partner — has been trusted by thousands of small business owners worldwide to multiply their revenue through purpose-driven brand and web design.


Through award-winning brand and Showit web design, With Grace and Gold® has joyfully served thousands of small business owners worldwide since 2014. Here, discover free resources from With Grace and Gold — a collection of resources curated exclusively for you — from a free Showit website template to expertly-designed resources for meaningful business growth.

Free Resources

Free REsources from With Grace and Gold

Elevate your business with purpose and strategy using With Grace and Gold's step-by-step guide to raising your prices confidently. Discover a 5-part series expertly-designed to equip you for long-term business success.

Free Guide to Raising Your Prices Confidently

Free Guide

Download With Grace and Gold's free Showit website template, North Shore. Become familiar with Showit using an expertly-created, completely-customizable Showit website template by With Grace and Gold.

Free Showit Website Template by With Grace and Gold

Free Showit Website Template

Does your brand communicate luxury? Take With Grace and Gold's complementary assessment to determine whether your brand is effectively communicating your elevated approach and client experience.  

How to Create a Luxury Brand + Complementary Assessment

Complementary Assessment

There are so many Showit website templates to choose from — so how do you choose the right Showit website template for your business? Receive our free guide to choosing a Showit website template with purpose.

How to Choose a Showit Website Template

Free Guide

Have your Showit website template professionally-customized by With Grace and Gold — and come away with a personalized and purpose-driven Showit website.

Showit Template Customization

Shop With Grace and Gold's collection of expertly-designed, completely customizable Showit website templates — for creative founders who love and prefer to DIY.

Showit Website Templates

Hire With Grace and Gold for Custom Brand and Web Design — an award-winning design experience for creative founders ready for meaningful growth and success.

Custom Brand and Web Design

Offerings so carefully-crafted, you never have to wonder what’s coming next — but instead, simply delight in what unfolds.

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