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Social Media Marketing

Social media plays a key role in everyday operations for small business owners. (For several years, Instagram and Pinterest have helped us to connect with our clients more than any other resource.) Every day, we use a unique strategy for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest — so today, we wanted to share 3 creative ways […]

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Social media marketing can be challenging. There are so many platforms. There are so many choices. There are so many decisions. In the end, we believe social media marketing should be done with purpose — to serve your Ideal Client wholeheartedly. Today, we’re sharing our #1 tip for purposeful social media marketing! Our #1 Tip […]

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Instagram has become a go-to resource for diverse small business owners all over the world. Not only does Instagram allow you to share freely about your business, but it also allows you to develop personal connections with your prospective clients, with fellow business owners, and more. Sometimes, using Instagram on behalf of your business can […]

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Connect with Your Audience on Instagram by With Grace and Gold

Instagram is an awesome tool for small business owners! Nowadays, Instagram is more than a photo-posting app; Instagram is a place to share candid content, curated video content, and more. One of our favorite Instagram features is Instagram Stories! Today, we’re sharing a tutorial for quickly and easily uploading Instagram Story icons to your Instagram […]

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At With Grace and Gold, we love Instagram, because it is a free resource for sharing our hearts and mission, for creating community, and for connecting with our Ideal Client. However, Instagram is an ever-changing social media platform, and using Instagram “correctly” can sometimes seem like a puzzle. Today, we’re excited to share 3 tips […]

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As a small business owner, you probably share all about your products and services on social media… but what about yourself? What about the YOU behind your business? Today, we’re sharing 3 things your audience wants to know about you — Yes, you! — and our tips for comfortably, confidently sharing about yourself on social […]

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Social media marketing can be an amazing resource for small business owners. Much of social media marketing is free, which makes it accessible for small business owners in any season. Social media marketing allows us to connect with our audience in fresh, innovative ways — to speak directly to our audience and meet them where […]

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3 Tips for More Intentional Social Media Marketing by With Grace and Gold

At With Grace and Gold, we are designers, educators, and app-tryer-outers. We’ve signed up for a LOT of free trials, and we’ve tested a LOT of apps to determine which are most useful, truly help to save time, and are worth the cost! Today, we’re sharing 5 apps we couldn’t do business without! (Well, we […]

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5 Apps We Couldn't Do Business Without

Last year, we tried our hand at leveraging Pinterest to reach our Ideal Client! Today, we’re excited to share: Pinterest has become a leading source of our Client referrals! Today on our blog, we’re sharing 3 Pinterest must-dos for long-term business success. In other words, the Pinterest strategy you use today can TOTALLY serve your […]

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3 Pinterest Must-Dos for Long-Term Business Success

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