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How Your Blog and Pinterest Can Grow Your Business

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Whether you pursue a custom brand and web design experience, or you choose a customizable Showit website template — a Blog design is always a valued piece of each design we create at With Grace and Gold. Maybe blogging isn’t yet part of your small business marketing strategy, or maybe you aren’t quite sure how blogging can play a role in your small business. Today, we’re exploring how your using blog and Pinterest together can grow your business in a meaningful, sustaining way.

How Your Blog and Pinterest Can Grow Your Small Business - Brand It Build It Podcast - With Grace and Gold - Best Brand and Web Design for Creative Small Business Owners

How Your Blog and Pinterest Can Grow Your Business

When With Grace and Gold launched in 2014, blogging played a key role in our day-to-day business operations. In the early days of our small business journey, we used our blog as a means for showcasing our expertise. Within every blog post, we explored a small, unique angle of small business ownership, brand design, web design, small business marketing, and more. Over time, blogging about business, brand, and web design and pinning corresponding graphics to Pinterest strengthened the foundation of our business and of our sustainability and growth, too.

So, why should you blog on behalf of your small business, and how can you use blogging and Pinterest to pursue sustainability and growth?

  1. Blog posts can showcase your expertise and build your credibility. There are a wide variety of ways you can use your blog as a small business owner. You can use your blog as a way to answer your clients’ frequently asked questions, so your blog serves as an educational resource for your prospective clients. You can use your blog as a way to showcase your recent work. Maybe your Portfolio showcases a curated collection of your work, but your blog posts can explore your recent work in a more journalistic, editorial way. You can use your blog as a place to house education for fellow business owners in your field, building your credibility and creating a trusting relationship between you and your prospective students. Maybe your business is location-bound, and your blog posts showcase venues or fellow businesses in your area. Or, truly, all of the above. With diverse blog posts to choose from, your Blog page can serve as a helpful, engaging resource for your visitors to use and enjoy. 
  2. Blog posts can boost your Search Engine Optimization. If your website is a tree, we think of the core pages of your website like Home, About, Services, Portfolio, and Contact as the trunk. Blog posts serve as the branches and leaves, expanding the presence of your website as a whole. With high-quality blog posts as part of your website, you can boost your Search Engine Optimization. Your blog content can help lead visitors to your website. It can keep visitors engaged with your website, and it can keep visitors coming back to your website again and again. 
  3. Blog posts can help grow your newsletter audience. For every category of blog posts you write, we recommend creating a free resource. Then, at the end of every blog post you write, include a link or an opt-in to your corresponding free resource. This is a great way to build up each unique audience you hope to serve through your business — a way to exponentially grow your newsletter audience and be able to more effectively and accurately serve your newsletter audience.
  4. When you pin a corresponding graphic to Pinterest, you can boost your website traffic as a whole. We recommend creating a Pinterest-friendly graphic, corresponding with each blog post you write. Then, pin your Pinterest-friendly graphic to Pinterest either manually or by using a Pinterest scheduler like Tailwind.  Pinterest is like a search engine, which allows users to search for specific content. Your Pinterest-friendly graphics will lead Pinterest users to your blog and website. Further, pins and re-pins help to expand your reach and grow your visits in an exponential way. 

For all of these reasons, composing meaningful, audience-focused blog posts and pinning Pinterest-friendly graphics on Pinterest can help to establish and build a foundation for meaningful long-term growth. The combination of enhanced Search Engine Optimization and Pinterest growth can lead more visitors to your website, and can ultimately help your business to serve more prospective clients and customers. 

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