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Episode 179: When It’s REALLY Time to Pursue a Custom Web Design

Brand It, Build It Podcast


Episode 178: 5 Tips for Creating a Luxury Brand for Your Business

Brand It, Build It Podcast


Episode 176: Considerations for Hiring a Website Copywriter

Brand It, Build It Podcast

If you’re a small business owner, chances are you love making your own schedule – but in between busy seasons and slow seasons, it can be challenging to create a schedule you can stick to – a schedule you can experience balance in and depend on each and every day, season after season. Or, conversely, […]

Episode 175: 5 Tips for Better Time Management

August 21, 2023


Episode 174: Who to Ask for Feedback About Your Web Design

Brand It, Build It Podcast


Episode 172: 5 Ways to Make Business Ownership Easier

Brand It, Build It Podcast


Episode 169: 5 Ways to Earn More from Affiliate Programs

Brand It, Build It Podcast

For many small business owners, gathering feedback is what drives their creative process forward. From interior designers and copywriters to brand designers and web designers, gathering and applying client feedback equips creative small business owners to serve their clients well.  So, if you’re a client who has hired a small business to perform a creative […]

Episode 151: How to Provide Kind Yet Helpful Feedback

February 27, 2023


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