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Episode 110: One Piece of Content and 10 Ways to Share It

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April 25, 2022

Would you believe me if I said just one piece of content can be shared in 10 different ways? One blog post or one social media caption can become so much more — and can help you to market your business efficiently and throughly? 

At With Grace and Gold, Andra serves as our designer, while I serve as our project manager. While serving our clients is my top priority — in ways like on-boarding, off-boarding, and guiding clients through our step-by-step design process — once our clients our clients have been set up for success, I also manage With Grace and Gold’s email communication, social media marketing, newsletter writing, podcasting, and more. 

If you’re like me, you see serving your clients through your services or your products as your top priority — but you also know how essential continued marketing is for long-term business success. Sometimes, in busy seasons, marketing can feel like an “add-on” or an “extra” — something we can comfortably press pause on when our client-facing workload is heavy. 

Put simply, when serving our clients is our top priority as business owners, it can be hard to justify spending more than a few minutes on social media. That’s why, today, I’m going to share how one piece of content can be marketed in 10 different ways — so you can make the most of each piece of content you create, while marketing your business both efficiently and thoroughly.

Best Custom Brand Branding Logo Logos Web Website Design Designs Designer Designers Showit With Grace and Gold for Photographers - One Piece of Content Marketed Shared in 10 Ways

One Piece of Content and 10 Ways to Share It

Welcome to Episode 110 of the Brand It, Build It Podcast: One Piece of Content and 10 Ways to Share It. 

Whether you’re a photographer, designer, coach, podcaster — or any type of creative small business owner in between — marketing your business matters. It’s truly beneficial to have and maintain a consistent, purpose-driven presence on the social media platforms where your prospective clients are present — so you can ensure you’re serving and connecting with prospective clients in a meaningful way. 

These days, with so many places to be present like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels, Pinterest, Pinterest Idea Pins, TikTok, TikTok Stories, and beyond, you may find yourself staring at a blinking cursor or a blank screen as you click from one platform to another… and you’re not alone. 

Over the years, how I’ve viewed social media as a small business owner has changed and evolved: Sometimes, I really value how social media can help to form connections, build friendships, and create change. Other times, I feel like social media is a really confusing puzzle! 

Each business owner’s approach to social media marketing is unique — and for me personally, in order to foster a healthy relationship with social media and to maximize my work week, I’ve adapted a unique approach to content creation. Today, I’m going to share how I use content at With Grace and Gold — and how you can use one piece of content in 10 unique, creative ways. 

  1. For me, content creation begins with (1) a Podcast Episode — simply because I happen to record new podcast episodes on Mondays.
  2. Once the podcast episode has been published, (2) I write a Blog Post for With Grace and Gold containing the podcast’s show notes.
  3. (3) I share a link to the blog post on Facebook,
  4. (4) Twitter, and
  5. (5) Instagram Stories.
  6. A pin-able graphic is used within the blog post, which I use to pin the blog post to (6) Pinterest.
  7. (7) I write With Grace and Gold’s Weekly Newsletter, where I share about the podcast episode. As the week goes by, I share about the podcast episode or blog post in these same ways, just in case my original posts weren’t seen by certain audience members.

    With the above example, I use one piece of content — one podcast episode in 7 ways: as a podcast episode, blog post, Facebook post, Twitter post, Instagram story post, Pinterest pin, and newsletter topic. Of course, this is just one example of how one piece of content can be used in diverse ways — but maybe it sparks an idea of how your content can be used, too! We’ve covered the first 7 creative ways one piece of content can be used, so here are three more:
  8. A TikTok or Reel: If my podcast topic or blog post has a certain number of takeaways, like 3 tips for an elevated website, I can use that content to create a brief , educational TikTok or Reel. 
  9. A Carousel Post on Instagram: Just like a TikTok or Reel with 3 actionable tips, your content could also be used to create an educational carousel post on Instagram for viewers to click through.
  10. A Free Download or Newsletter Opt-In: As business owners, we always remind ourselves that our visitors could come upon our website and our business in a multitude of ways. While someone who has subscribed to our podcast usually sees our new content by being subscribed — someone else could come upon our business via search engine optimization or through word of mouth. Your content can also be repurposed to create a free download or newsletter opt-in… something your audience will value and appreciate having access to.

We are so hopeful today’s episode equips you to approach your small business marketing in a new way. Maybe this approach will help you to create content in a new way — focusing on evergreen content your audience will connect with and value. Or maybe this approach will help you to use the same piece of content in diverse, creative ways to help save time overall.

When you think about the last piece of content you created… how could it be repurposed or shared? Thanks for tuning in!

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