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Social media marketing can be an amazing resource for small business owners. Much of social media marketing is free, which makes it accessible for small business owners in any season. Social media marketing allows us to connect with our audience in fresh, innovative ways — to speak directly to our audience and meet them where they are. Still, the world of social media marketing can appear vast, and the questions we have about social media marketing can multiply: What should I post? How often should I post? Today, we’re sharing 3 of our own tips for more intentional social media marketing.

3 Tips for More Intentional Social Media Marketing

First, what does “intentional social media marketing” mean? To us, being intentional on social media means spending purposeful time on social media; rather than mindlessly scrolling, we do our best to use social media in a purposeful, meaningful way — and to limit our time on social media. We want every post and every interaction to serve a purpose, and that’s what we’re sharing 3 tips for today!

  1. Start with a goal. First, determine what your goal for social media marketing is. Do you want to build your audience? Do you want to book clients? Do you want to simply share content? Whatever your goal is, keep it at the heart of all you do. With every post you compose, ask yourself, “Does this post and caption bring me closer to achieving my goal?”
  2. Share openly and honestly, from the heart. In small business, it’s essential for you to bring your audience along on your journey. Make sure every caption brings your audience from where they are today to where you want them to be. For example, rather than simply sharing a photo and saying “I loved photographing this couple!” you could instead say, “When I met this couple 3 months ago, their love was so evident. They shared loving glances and sweet jokes, and shared a deep excitement for their wedding day. When I photographed this amazing couple over the weekend…” See the difference? Use every post as an opportunity to let your audience into your story in an open, honest, authentic way.
  3. Set aside time to form meaningful connections with others. Finally, social media marketing is all about being social. It can be tough to squeeze in time to form connections with others — but it’s so important to do so. Rather than scrolling down your feed, explore different hashtags, or explore the profiles of those who comment on you most. Comment openly and honestly. It’s natural to place importance on the number of followers you have, but we encourage you to strive to build more meaningful, authentic connections. You never know where those connections can lead!

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