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Andra Barkey and Kelly Zugay

Episode 124: Luxury Client Experience Essentials

August 1, 2022

What does it mean to have a luxury client experience, and why do many small business owners aspire to elevate their small businesses in order to serve luxury clientele? At With Grace and Gold, one common, shared vision among our clients is to have an elevated, luxurious, yet approachable, brand and web design to showcase their expertise, confidently raise their prices, and book high-end clientele.

As with any decision within your small business, we believe in the power of having a meaningful, personal, or strategic reason behind every decision. When you do, you can ensure every decision you make within and surrounding your business is decided with purpose, sustainability, and longevity in mind.

So, what does it mean to have a high-end business or a luxury business? According to, “All luxury companies have one thing in common: They have key features that give them the allure required to command respect, attention, and pricing power.” Put another way, one reason small business owners aspire to elevate their small businesses and serve luxury clientele is so they can, essentially, book fewer clients, while earning more revenue overall. 

Today, I want to share 5 luxury client experience essentials — 5 details to decide upon and build into your business so you can better position your business as an elevated, luxurious, yet approachable and connection-driven, small business. 

Luxury Client Experience Essentials - Brand It, Build It Podcast by With Grace and Gold

Luxury Client Experience Essentials

Welcome to Episode 124 of the Brand It, Build It Podcast: Luxury Client Experience Essentials. This week’s episode is Part 4 of 4 of our Summer Slowdown Series. From creating a conversion-driven website, to bringing more of the right visitors to your website, each episode of our Summer Slowdown Series has explored how to use slow seasons or downtime within your business with purpose and strategy.

This week, we’re discussing what it means to have a luxury client experience — along with 5 details to decide upon and build into your business so you can better position your business as an elevated, luxurious, yet approachable and connection-driven, small business. While every small business is unique and will approach providing a luxury client experience in their own, unique way, we wanted to share recommendations that are free and require only your creativity to offer. 

  1. A personal, engaging experience. The first detail of a luxury client experience is a personal client experience… one in which your clients feel listened to, heard, and valued. If your client experience begins by gathering information about your client through a questionnaire or survey, be sure to use the details that your client has shared. When you do, your clients won’t need to remind you of something they’ve already shared with you, and you can simply focus on creating a smooth and engaging experience for them. In a luxury client experience, your clients will feel as involved and engaged as they would like to, so understanding their preferred methods of communication or how engaged or creative they’d like to be alongside your process can help you to create a personal, engaging experience aligned with your clients’ expectations. 
  2. A seamless, standard, step-by-step process. One unique balance you may encounter is providing a personalized experience your clients will love and value, while also providing a seamless, step-by-step process aligned with what you, as the owner of your business, know to be the best solution possible for your clients. On one hand, you’d love to create something truly personal, tailored, and customized, and on the other hand, your years of experience have empowered you to create a standard, step-by-step process rooted in your expertise and in your clients’ success. Though this may sound vague, it’s essential to determine how to strike a unique balance between what elements of your process you’re willing to tailor and customize, and what elements of your process you wholeheartedly need to adhere to for your clients’ success. Put simply, when creating a smooth, standard, and step-by-step process, it’s important to strike a strategic balance between providing a personalized experience and a smooth experience. You, as the owner of your business, know best about how to effectively guide your clients toward success. So, above all, we believe it’s essential to share why each step of your client experience is meaningful and valuable for your clients to journey through. Lastly, when it comes to providing a standard, step-by-step process, we recommend equipping your clients for success through a client experience guide of some kind — a PDF or web page you can share with your clients, so they are always in the know about what they can expect when working with you. Educating and informing your clients in a transparent, clear, and kindhearted way can make a big difference in providing a luxury client experience. 
  3. Intentional high-touch communication and service. Another aspect of a luxury client experience is helpful, encouraging, supportive communication during your client experience. We believe in intentional high-touch communication — communicating with a purpose and communicating to serve and guide your clients forward in their process. We aim for all client communication to be beneficial to our clients, in a way that values and honors their time — or truly their lack of time. We recommend using your client questionnaire or survey to learn about your clients’ preferred methods of communication. When you do, you can provide a tailored client experience to ensure your communication approach is well-aligned with your clients’ needs. 
  4. Resources for continued success. We believe our clients should be set up for success not only during our client experience, but also after our client experience has concluded. When you provide resources for your clients’ continued success, you are essentially putting a bow on your client experience, demonstrating your commitment to your clients’ success, and perhaps even following through on the results-driven client experience you’ve promised. Which leads us to our final recommendation, to provide:
  5. Real results. Many luxury businesses we look up to are truly results-driven businesses. They help their clients’ succeed in measurable and immeasurable ways. When your business helps your clients to produce real results, with your clients’ permission, it’s important to be able to showcase and share those results. Whether your clients come away with an emotional result or a more tangible result, know that your business is making a meaningful difference for the clients you serve. By sharing those results, you can better communicate the honest and authentic value of choosing your business among others. From sharing client testimonials on your website to case studies in your portfolio, real results can set your business apart. 

As we’ve discussed in earlier episodes, having a successful small business is often a matter of how seemingly-small details work together, on behalf of your business. As you decide upon your unique approach to these 5 luxury client experience essentials, we are so hopeful you’ll feel equipped to begin a new, purpose-driven season in your business. Thank you for tuning into the Brand It, Build It Podcast and our Summer Slowdown Series

About Brand It, Build It Podcast, Hosted by Kelly Zugay

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