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You Should Hire a Web Designer If…

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You Should Hire a Web Designer If…

If you’re like us, something you love about being a small business owner is realizing just how much you’re capable of.  In the earliest days of your business, Google was your assistant — helping you find answers to every question you had about running a successful business.

As the days, weeks, and months went by, you developed your strengths and realized your areas for growth. 

As business owners, our days are filled with constant decision-making. So, we often have to choose: Should I take the time to DIY or develop the areas of my business I feel weak in, or should I hire someone who is an expert to help me and my business succeed?

At With Grace and Gold, we’ve hired social media managers, copywriters, photographers, and videographers to help us achieve our goals — to help strengthen our business in areas where we feel most weak.  At first, we felt discouraged about the idea of outsourcing — because, like most business owners, we wanted to feel strong in every area of our business. Maybe you can relate. Over the years, we had Googled our way through so many questions — and we weren’t always ready to admit our big dreams were Un-Google-Able. 

But someone once told us, “Every successful business owner knows when to outsource.” If we think about the businesses and business owners we look up to, we see how knowing when to outsource can make all the difference. Outsourcing for your brand design, web design, photography, videography, or social media management can truly uplift your business.  As business owners, we are stronger together — so when we outsource, we can experience a type of success we simply couldn’t have experienced alone.

Today, we’re going to explore when it’s time for you to hire a web designer for your business.

Welcome to Episode 013: You Should Hire a Web Designer If… One question we are asked regularly is: “How will I know it’s time to hire a web designer to create my website?” 

We’ve summed up 3 reasons you should hire a web designer.

  1. Your current website isn’t working for you. When we say “working” we don’t simply mean your links are working and your website is functioning — we mean your current website isn’t helping you to book clients or sell your products and services consistently. Maybe your website doesn’t accurately reflect your expertise, or your one-of-a-kind approach to your business. Maybe your website doesn’t feel like you — and doesn’t feel representative of the experience you provide to your clients. If you’re nodding YES to any of these reasons, you should hire a web designer — specifically a designer who specializes in creating web designs with purpose and strategy. That way, you can ensure every detail is not only beautiful, but also goal-oriented. 
  2. You are making a meaningful change in your business. Maybe you’re changing who you hope to reach or connect with. Maybe you’re overhauling the collection of services you offer. Maybe you’re changing the name of your business, hiring a team, or transitioning from a product-based business to a service-based business, or vice versa. When you’re making a meaningful change within your business, it’s possible — and even probable — your current web design won’t work for you. We think of it this way: if your current web design was created with your current goals in mind, your big dreams might not be supported by your old goals. If you’re making a meaningful change in your business, having a new web design can be beneficial for so many reasons. Your new web design can ensure every detail is geared toward your Ideal Client, geared toward the goals you hope to achieve, and is created to seamlessly bring your visitors on a journey from learning about you, to connecting with you, to choosing to work with you.
  3. You want to raise your prices. This reason goes hand-in-hand with reason number 2 — making a meaningful change within your business. When you raise your prices, you’re highlighting the value of the services you have to offer; you’re saying “I believe in the high quality and value of the services I offer, which is why the price is at a premium.” So, does your current web design align with the high quality and value of your services? When someone reaches your pricing information, will they think: “These prices totally make sense; I see the value so clearly communicated throughout every detail of this web design!” or will they think: “This web design and these prices seem misaligned.” To raise your prices and book clients at your elevated prices, having a polished, professionally-designed web design can make all the difference.

Summed up, you should hire a web designer if…

  1. Your current website isn’t working for you and helping you to consistently book clients. It doesn’t feel like you or feel reflective of your expertise.
  2. You’re making a meaningful change in your business — such as a change to your Ideal Client, a change to your services, or a change to the structure of your business.
  3. You want to raise your prices and showcase the high quality and value of your services.

At With Grace and Gold, we’ve served clients who experienced just one or all 3 of these reasons — leading them to outsource their web design. In any season, we wholeheartedly believe in the power of a purposeful web design — and how it can lay the foundation for your long-term business success.

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