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Episode 141: 5 Creative Ways to Earn Revenue While You’re Away on Holiday Break

December 13, 2022

In the first few years of being a small business owner, going on holiday break seemed challenging to do. I wondered how our business would go on while we were away from our desks for a full week. I worried we’d experience a dip in revenue because we were unavailable. Nowadays, though, I understand how expected holiday break is — and how the small business owners we serve are often on a holiday break of their own. Today, I’m going to share 5 creative ways to earn revenue while you’re away on holiday break — so you can create an added layer of confidence in your business and feel peace of mind while you’re away on break.

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5 Creative Ways to Earn Revenue While You’re Away on Holiday Break

If you’re a small business owner, approaching holiday break isn’t always easy; from the ways you’ll need to prepare for a week or more away, to the way you’ll need to get acclimated to your return — there are many considerations to make. I’m a big believer, though, that so long as you’re organized in your approach to holiday break and transparent and communicative with clients and customers, you can approach holiday break with peace of mind. This is something I discuss further in Episode 136: 5 Ways to Prepare Your Business for the Holiday Season. 

So, once you’re prepared for holiday break, what are 5 creative ways you can continue to earn revenue while you’re away? Here are 5 possibilities: 

  1. Create a Favorite Resources page on your website. A Favorite Resources or Resources page is a page you can use to lead your website’s visitors toward clicking on Affiliate Links for the products or services you love and use most. When using Affiliate Links, it’s essential to have an Affiliate Disclaimer. With an Affiliate Disclaimer included, you can confidently share Affiliate Links leading to products or services you recommend. Systems like FloDesk, Canva, Planoly offer affiliate commissions. Simply review all of the products and services you use in your daily life or in your business each day. Whether or not they offer an affiliate link, share links to those products and services on your Resources page. As visits to and clicks on your Resources page grow — so can the potential for additional revenue. 
  2. Schedule a few blog posts containing Affiliate Links. Similar to a Resources page, you may also choose to schedule a few blog posts containing Affiliate Links. Again, it’s essential to have an Affiliate Disclaimer. Perhaps you can spotlight a specific resource within each blog post — sharing about the resource, what you like about the resource, and how your reader can use the resource, too! Spotlighting each individual resource can help to better showcase why that resource is beneficial — and prompt more visitors to click and explore further. 
  3. Hold an exclusive sale or provide an exclusive discount for newsletter subscribers. An exclusive sale or exclusive discount code is not only a great way to serve and support your newsletter subscribers, but it can also be a great way to boost sales over a given period of time. Perhaps you can schedule your newsletter to be sent at the start of your holiday break — and for the sale or discount code to be valid through the end of your holiday break. 
  4. Partner with a fellow business owner to sell a bundle over the holiday season. Collaboration can be a really meaningful and strategic way to experience growth in your small business. Perhaps you can partner with a fellow business owner to sell a bundle of each of your top products over the holiday season. Brainstorm businesses that offer products or services which complement your own — and propose a means for selling your offerings as a bundle. Doing so can help to elevate each of your offerings and businesses in a significant way. 
  5. Add an upsell to your best-selling product. Is there a smaller product you can include as an upsell to your best-selling product: a video tutorial, a PDF guidebook, or something different? Adding an upsell to your product can help you to boost revenue per customer — adding revenue to your business in a really straightforward, actionable way. 

I hope this week’s episode not only equips you to approach holiday break with greater peace of mind — but also that it encourages you to explore creative opportunities for additional revenue within your business. 

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