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Episode 137: Update These 5 Website Features Regularly

November 14, 2022

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For the most part, following the design process — particularly the professional design process — your web design can remain as-is. We firmly believe there is a great deal of value in allowing aspects of your business to simply be, so you can more accurately learn about what is working, what isn’t working, and what can be changed in the future. By simply allowing your business to run, or simply allowing your web design to be, you can learn and assess over time. So, what aspects of your web design should you  monitor, assess, or change more regularly? This week, we’re sharing 5 website features you can confidently update regularly to ensure your website is always working effectively on behalf of your business.

Update These 5 Website Features Regularly - Brand It, Build It Podcast by With Grace and Gold

Update These 5 Website Features Regularly

For the most part, your professional web design can remain as-designed. Simply allowing your web design to be can equip you to accurately assess what is working, what isn’t, or what can be changed in the future. Today, we’re sharing 5 website features we recommend assessing or updating regularly to ensure your website is always working effectively on behalf of your business.

  1. Your call-to-action above the fold. The area of your web design before a visitor scrolls down is known as the area above the fold. This area is like a snapshot of your web design and business as a whole — introducing your business to visitors and equipping visitors to continue learning about and engaging with your business. The area above the fold is the perfect place to share about and showcase a revenue-generating area of your business — such as your signature package or experience. The area above the fold can be designed in endless ways, so we recommend regularly assessing how your visitors are using and engaging with the area above the fold — so you can determine if further changes or experimentation is needed. Using a tool called a website heatmap, you can see how visitors engage with each element of your web design — which elements or areas receive more clicks or maintain your visitors’ attention. Using a website heat map can help you to determine the strongest and weakest areas of your web design — and make changes accordingly. 
  2. Your lead magnet and newsletter opt-in. A lead magnet is a free resource, coupon code, or other offering used to encourage visitors to subscribe to your newsletter via your newsletter opt-in. When creating a newsletter list and aiming to grow your newsletter list, using a lead magnet is a more effective alternative to simply saying “Subscribe for the latest!” A lead magnet incentivizes a subscription. We recommend regularly updating your lead magnet and newsletter opt-in… whether that means changing the wording or description of your lead magnet, or changing your lead magnet altogether. When you do, you can better serve your audience and ensure you are growing your newsletter list with purpose and strategy. Many newsletter systems will show you the details of your newsletter opt-ins effectiveness — how many times your opt-in has been seen, and how many times it has been signed up for… otherwise known as conversion. If your current newsletter opt-in isn’t converting the way you hoped, we recommend experimenting with and changing your lead magnet and newsletter opt-in. According to LeadPages.com, a common conversion rate is between 5% and 15%, with successful companies experiencing a conversion rate between 20% and 25%. 
  3. Your testimonials. Testimonials can make a major difference with regards to how your visitors see, understand, and value your offerings. Hearing from your business about your offerings is one thing, but being able to read about your past customers’ and clients’ first-hand experiences is another. Regularly gather your customers’ and clients’ feedback and be sure to update your website’s testimonials regularly. When you do, you can appeal to your prospective clients various values, and ensure you’re sharing the best reflections on your offerings. 
  4. Your portfolio. Like your testimonials, updating your Portfolio gives your visitors the most up-to-date understanding of the quality and caliber of your work. For returning visitors who are still contemplating hiring you and your business, having an up-to-date Portfolio can make a big difference. We believe your Portfolio should be a reflection of your best work and the type of work you’d like to do more of — and that a curated Portfolio helps to better communicate a luxurious experience. 
  5. Your blog. Your blog is not only a helpful resource for connecting with, serving, educating, and guiding your visitors — but it is also a helpful tool for boosting your website’s Search Engine Optimization. Blog content can serve as the ‘arms and legs’ of your website, and help your website to have further reach. Updating your blog regularly and consistently will help you to feel as though your website is well-maintained — laying a foundation for continued growth.

Whether you update these areas of your business regularly, quarterly, or just when you have a spare moment to do so, we are so hopeful these tips equip you to ensure your website is truly working on your behalf — helping to grow your business and brand with purpose.

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