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When I say the word “conversion” what comes to mind? Over the years, conversion has become a buzzword in small business and small business marketing — but what does conversion mean, and why is conversion something you should be thinking of  and prioritizing as a small business owner?

In marketing and web design, the definition of conversion is: “When a website visitor completes a desired goal.” Therefore, a conversion-focused website, or a website that converts, is a website strategically-designed to help your visitors complete your desired goal or goals — to choose to book your services, purchase your products, or further engage with your business in the ways you envision or need.

This week, we’re sharing 7 ways to know your website has been designed for conversion — a combination of measurable and immeasurable ways to confidently know your website has been designed to work on your behalf.

Ways to Know Your Website is Designed for Conversion - With Grace and Gold - Brand It, Build It Podcast

Ways to Know Your Website is Designed for Conversion

Why does having a conversion-driven website matter? As we often say, having a website is one thing, but having a website work on your behalf — seamlessly guiding your prospective customers and clients toward becoming paying customers and clients — is another. 

So, how do you know your website has been designed for conversion? This week, we’re sharing 7 ways to know — along with actionable ways to better ensure your website works on your behalf.

  1. Your website should share a clear, concise elevator pitch. At the very top of your Home page, above the fold — or before a visitor begins scrolling down — a clear, concise, elevator pitch should be included. You might think of your elevator pitch as a headline, a heading, or a brief sentence or phrase to share what your business does and who your business serves. With a clear, concise sentence or phrase to introduce your website, your products, and your services, your visitors will be able to seamlessly confirm whether they are in the right place for the problem they are seeking a solution to. If a visitor has to ask, “Is this the right place for the problem I’m trying to solve?” Or “Does this business actually offer the product or service I’m in need of?” they are likely to continue exploring other websites and businesses, to more easily find a solution to the problem they are facing, or the search they’re performing. 
  2. Your navigation menu should be clear and user-friendly. As business owners, because we are so familiar with our own products and services, it’s natural for our familiarity to cloud our judgement when it comes to web design. Even as experienced web designers ourselves, we sometimes assume our visitors will know what we know about our business, our products, our services, and how to move forward. Then, we go back to the drawing board, because we know how essential it is to think about being a new visitor — to create a web design brand new visitors will seamlessly understand and enjoy engaging with. In Episode 108, we share why less is more in web design, and explain why prioritizing ease of use can make all the difference for your visitors and how — or whether — they choose to move forward and pursue your business. Summed up, your navigation menu serves as a roadmap for your visitors, so ensuring your navigation menu is clear, organized, and minimal can equip your visitors to quickly navigate to the revenue-generating areas of your business with ease. 
  3. Your web design shouldn’t detract from your content and copywriting. At With Grace and Gold, we’ve developed a unique approach to web design. It can be challenging to describe in words — and much easier to show through design — but essentially, we truly believe less is more… that your web design shouldn’t detract or take away from your content and copywriting. For example, a curated collection of photos can help your visitors to understand your unique style, expertise, and approach. A curated amount of copywriting can help your visitors to connect with your words in a meaningful and connection-driven way. This pared down, curated approach to your website’s content can help you to establish authority and credibility, while creating a more user-friendly experience for your visitors, and guiding your visitors toward purchasing your products or booking your services. So, whether you hire a professional web designer to create your web design, or you create a web design of your own, we believe finding a strategic balance between creating a one-of-a-kind, beautifully-branded web design — and creating a user-friendly, engaging, connection-driven web design is essential. 
  4. Your copywriting should be composed for your audience. Some of our clients at With Grace and Gold choose to work with professional copywriters — perhaps purchasing their digital products and resources, or perhaps working one-on-one with a copywriter. Copywriting resources and services can make all the difference in how your website connects with your visitors. Through purposeful copywriting, the words within your website can truly help visitors to hear your voice, sense your personality, and build trust with you. If your website doesn’t currently speak to your Ideal Client, prospective clients may not experience the connection you are hoping for, and therefore, aren’t becoming paying clients. 
  5. Your web design should be designed with your audience in mind. At With Grace and Gold, we often share with our clients that, to come away with a web design likely to achieve their goals, their web design will be a blend of what they love and feel connected to, what their audience will love and feel connected to, and what is forward-thinking and innovative in their field or industry. Clients of ours who experience the best results and share with us that they have multiplied their revenue and their reach — recognize and value that, although their web design may be different from what they expected, having a website designed with their audience in mind is more valuable overall. 
  6. Each page of your web design should have a clear call-to-action. When a visitor reaches the bottom of each page of your website, they should be prompted with regards to what to do next. Whether you’d like your visitors to schedule a phone consultation, opt into your newsletter, purchase your product, or book your service, having a clear call-to-action lets your visitors know what they should do next. In our experience, having clear calls-to-action can be one of the most effective ways to ensure your website is working on your behalf. 
  7. You are able to measure various types of conversion. Having a successful, conversion-driven web design will look differently for all small business owners, because each small business owner has their own unique business goals. (As a sidenote, this is why we believe custom web design is so effective for small business owners. With a custom web design, you can ensure every detail of your online presence has been designed with your unique business and goals in mind.) With your goals in mind, it’s extremely helpful to be able to measure conversion. Google Analytics is one really helpful resource for monitoring your website traffic as a whole. Google Analytics provides a variety of tools so you can learn about your visitors’ behavior and analyze the effectiveness of your website. JetPack by WordPress is our favorite resource for WordPress, because it not only makes a variety of helpful tools available to you, but it also monitors your blog traffic and shares about where your visitors are coming from, which posts are most viewed, and which links are clicked on from your blog, too. Heatmaps are another type of behavior analytics tool which can help you to understand exactly how visitors are interacting and engaging with each page of your website. Are visitors reaching the content you’d like them to? Are they locating and using the calls-to-action you had designed? 

Once again, having a website is one thing, but knowing your website is truly working on your behalf — helping to elevate, enhance, and grow your business — is another. Whether this week’s episode confirms your website is working on your behalf, or it inspires you to make changes within your website, we’re hopeful each recommendation equips you for a successful season in your business. 

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