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Episode 083: What’s ACTUALLY Needed to Pursue Brand and Web Design

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October 18, 2021

In last week’s podcast episode, we shared why copywriting — or the wording included within your web design — comes before web design… why composing your copywriting first actually helps to create a smoother and more strategy-driven web design process. This week, we want to expand on last week’s episode and share what’s actually needed in order to pursue brand and web design. If you’ve ever found yourself thinking, “I don’t know what I want my brand or website to look like — so I’m not ready to hire a designer” today’s episode is going to explore common misconceptions and share what is actually needed begin your brand and web design process at With Grace and Gold… and perhaps at other design businesses, too!

Custom Brand Logo and Showit Web Website Design Designs Designer for Law Firm Laywer Lawyers Attorney Attorneys - With Grace and Gold - 13

What’s ACTUALLY Needed to Pursue Brand and Web Design

Over the years, prospective clients have shared with us how, because they aren’t quite sure what they want their brand and web design to look like, they aren’t quite ready to begin the brand and web design process. Our response to their concern is: Your vision, goals, and preferences are determined — and realized — through the course of our design process.

While every design business is unique, when hiring With Grace and Gold, clients are hiring With Grace and Gold for expertise — for the way we gather seemingly-disconnected preferences and create a purpose-driven, elevated brand and web design.

The same is true for many types of small businesses: Clients hire photographers, and photographers share their expertise and recommendations for location, posing, and so much more. Clients hire event planners, and event planners share their expertise and recommendations for locations, vendors, and so much more. For all of these reasons and more, we hire experts to help our seemingly-disjointed ideas come together in a purposeful and beautiful way. 

So, what is actually needed to begin the brand and web design process?

  • First, a desire to share. At the start of our process, we ask for our clients to share the details of their business: When their business was founded, a brief summary of their business, who they hope to reach and work with through their business, and more. These foundational questions are comprised of all of the details you already know about your business — but perhaps you hadn’t yet put together in one place. Often, clients share with us how these questions helped them to organize their thoughts and vision in a new and beneficial way. Sharing as much as you can truly helps to create a well-rounded design process.
  • Next, a willingness to collaborate and communicate. During our design process, whenever a design is presented, we offer a collaborative and communication-driven revision process. Because each step of our design process builds upon the previous step, our communication-focused process helps to ensure the foundation of each brand and web design is strong and purposeful
  • Lastly, openness. We always recommend for our clients to be open. When we present a design to our clients, we’re sharing our expertise — the recommended brand or web design we believe will best serve and grow their business. We believe a successful brand and web design is a blend of our clients’ preferences, their clients’ preferences, and what is forward-thinking and innovative within their field. The brand or web design we present may look or feel different from what is expected — so being open is helpful.

We are so hopeful this week’s episode helps to share more about With Grace and Gold’s approach to brand and web design. Maybe, through this week’s episode, you’ve found you’re more prepared to pursue professional design than you once believed.

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