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Every designer is unique — possessing a unique background, skillset, and areas of expertise… all of which influence the way they approach your brand and web design. When searching for a designer, it’s likely you want to ensure your chosen designer is capable of bringing your vision to life in a truly seamless way. (Something we’ll discuss next week, in Episode 131, is how to showcase your values and your value — so you can book Ideal Clients who choose your business not only because of what you have to offer, but also because of who you are and the unique approach you bring.) 

As you may know, many variables and pieces make up the brand and web design process — from the foundational goals you share with your designer, to the photography and copywriting you provide your designer with. Over our past 8 years of providing brand and web design for thousands of creative founders, we’ve discovered an additional key variable that can make all the difference in your design process — and in the effectiveness of the final design you come away with. While we can only speak on behalf of With Grace and Gold, we believe fellow designers may relate to this week’s episode, too!

This week, we’re sharing how trusting your designer can make all the difference in your design process and the effectiveness of your design… in ways you might be surprised to learn!

Trusting Your Designer Can Make All the Difference

Welcome to Episode 130 of the Brand It, Build It Podcast. Once again, we can only speak on behalf of With Grace and Gold and our unique experiences serving creative founders through brand and web design. We’ve been honored to serve thousands of creatives over the past 8 years through a tried-and-true design process — and as a result, we’ve discovered we’re able to deeply reflect upon what can make a design process truly successful.

If you’re a creative small business owner, too, you likely know how valuable having your clients trust in your expertise, process, and approach can be. Today, we’re excited to share the role trusting your designer can play in your brand and web design process — in ways you might be surprised to learn:

  1. Trusting your designer creates less worry. As small business owners, we often eat, sleep, and breathe the work we do. Whether you’re a photographer preparing for an engagement session, or you’re a business coach preparing for a consulting meeting, your vast experience and expertise have led to this moment and have prepared you to do quality work each and every day for each client you serve. For us, our work is the thing we’re most familiar with and comfortable doing, of anything in the entire world. When you trust your designer, you allow yourself to journey through a tried-and-true design process. You may worry your vision and goals are too disjointed, or you may worry about how all of the details of your brand and web design will come together. However, any worry or concern you may have is likely already covered in your designer’s process. Trusting your designer creates less worry, because you can simply journey through a design process created for you, to ensure you come away with everything needed to succeed. 
  2. Trusting your designer empowers your designer to be more creative and innovative. If you’re a photographer who has your clients’ trust, you may feel more free to be creative and innovative — to try new approaches, poses, or to experiment with lighting — knowing your clients will excitedly follow your lead. The same can be said of brand and web design. Having clients’ trust empowers us to be creative and innovative — to create unexpected, yet effective, designs to ensure our clients are truly set apart from their competition. Conversely, a lack of trust can lead to “coloring inside the lines” and creating something more expected and less forward-thinking. 
  3. Trusting your designer preserves the strategy and intention behind your design. Through custom brand and web design at With Grace and Gold, we begin every design process from a completely blank canvas. When we do, we can ensure each and every detail is truly rooted in the vision, goals, and purpose our clients have shared with us. With a client’s trust, we can ensure every detail we’ve included is rooted in strategy and intention. Without a client’s trust, the revision process we journey through can lead to a gradual removal of the special details, strategy, and intention that once allowed the design to shine. 

In the end, trusting in the vendors you have so thoughtfully hired on behalf of your business can make all the difference. As a small business owner who manages all of the key areas of your business, it can be challenging to let go of control and allow someone to help. When we hire fellow vendors — copywriters, photographers, videographers to help us — we remind ourselves that the person we’ve hired is a true expert, someone who is immersed in their artistry and craft each and every day. They bring something special and unique to our business we simply aren’t able to. 

Of course, every designer and design process is unique, and the needs of every small business do vary. However, we’re hopeful today’s episode equips and empowers you to be trusting of the vendors you have hired on behalf of your business, knowing trust can make a big difference overall. 

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