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Episode 131: Selling Because of Values, Not Because of Pricing

September 26, 2022

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A recent conversation with a current client of With Grace and Gold serves as inspiration for this week’s episode. In our brand strategy meeting, we had discussed her desire to elevate her business, raise her prices, and begin serving clients who value her work, rather than just her pricing. 

As part of our strategy, we recommended focusing on her values and the value she creates for her clients — rather than focusing on her prices. By doing so, her brand and her web design can be rooted in connection and in service, rather than in simply being the affordable option. 

Today, we’re going to share how to sell your products and services with values and value in mind, rather than pricing, so you can better connect with your Ideal Clients and ensure your brand and web design are aligned with your goals and vision.

Selling Because of Values, Not Because of Pricing - Brand It, Build It Podcast by With Grace and Gold

Selling Because of Values, Not Because of Pricing

Welcome to Episode 131 of the Brand It, Build It Podcast! If you’re a small business owner, you’ve likely experienced the uncomfortable feeling of not knowing whether you’re communicating the right message on behalf of your business. Is your brand connecting with your Ideal Client? Is your web design showcasing the quality and caliber of your work? Is your copywriting speaking to your Ideal Client in a connection-driven way? Maybe you’ve worried whether your marketing is actually connecting you with your best clients.

We believe, one powerful and exciting aspect of being a small business owner is being able to share and showcase your values and the value you create for the clients you serve. When we’re immersed in our work, it can be challenging to remember that your business isn’t just a collection of products or services — but instead, a resource for serving people well, for equipping others for success, and for guiding people toward the result they want to experience. If you reflect upon your business journey, you’ll likely discover you’ve made a meaningful difference in your clients lives… that what you have to offer is so much more than a product or service.

That’s why, this week, we want to share some actionable ways to showcase your values and your value through your web design — so you can showcase the quality and caliber of your work, and better connect with clients who value you for who you are and what you uniquely bring to the table. 

  1. Document the feelings your clients feel. When writing about or sharing about our products or services, we often think about the deliverables — the tangible takeaways our customers and clients will come away with. Instead, we recommend documenting how your past clients have felt journeying through your process or  how past customers have felt following their purchase of your product. Whether you provide a client experience survey to your clients, or you gather customer testimonials, documenting how your customers and clients feel can allow you to write more freely about your products and services. Rather than solely sharing deliverables, you can share how your prospective customers and clients can expect to feel as a result of choosing your business. 
  2. Document the results your clients experience. By sending a client experience survey to your clients, or scheduling a 3-month follow-up with your clients, you can learn about the results your clients have experienced as a result of choosing your business. When you learn about, and share about, the results your clients experience, you can better connect with prospective clients who see value in your work and want to experience meaningful results, too! 
  3. Consider what you uniquely value about your work. When you’re approaching a new client project or creating a new product, what do you uniquely value about your work? What type of expertise do you bring to your clients and customers? What thoughts do you have? What strategy do you pour in? It’s likely that a great deal of strategy and intention is fostered in every product or service you create — strategy and intention worth sharing about. Which brings us to… 
  4. Communicate thoroughly through your copywriting. When a prospective client or customer visits your website, are they able to glean the information we’ve just explored? Do they know how your customers and clients feel, the results your customers or clients experience, or what you uniquely bring to the table? Through your copywriting, be sure to share about each of these — so your copywriting and web design can be rooted in showcasing your values and value. 
  5. Infuse testimonials throughout your web design. Testimonials are another great way to be able to communicate the difference your products and services can create. Prospective clients will value seeing how your past customers and clients have experienced your business. 
  6. Connect with prospective clients about your shared values and vision. When communicating with prospective clients, be sure to communicate openly about your offerings and how you can bring your clients’ vision to life. While a web design creates a strong foundation for your business, open, authentic communication can help to build trust and kick off a great client experience — an experience in which your clients value your expertise and approach above all. 

Summed up, when you showcase your values and value through your web design, you can better connect with your best clients and lay a foundation for future growth and success. How will you infuse these tips into your online presence?

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