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Episode 095: Double-Check These Website Details for a Successful Year

January 10, 2022

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Welcome to Episode 095 of The Brand It, Build It Podcast — I’m Kelly Zugay, co-founder of With Grace and Gold. And here, every week, I share actionable ways to create a strong, purpose-driven brand, web design, and small business. 

Returning to our small businesses after holiday break — or, really, after any type of vacation — can be a challenge. It can take a few days, or even the first week, following a break to truly get back in the swing of things. The new year can be a busy season for small business owners — for business owners, like designers, who may book more clients at the start of a new year, or for wedding professionals, who may use winter as a season for doing some much-needed business housekeeping. 

No matter your type of business, though, one thing is true: We all need our websites to work on our behalf, and the new year is the perfect season and reason for double-checking that your website is doing what it should… helping to showcase your expertise, helping you to more authentically, confidently connect with your prospective clients, and helping you to grow your business with purpose. This week, we’re sharing a handful of website details we recommend double-checking for a successful year ahead. 

The new year is officially here, and at With Grace and Gold, we often see the new year as an opportunity not only to form new goals and cast new visions for the year ahead — but also to review the foundation of our business… areas of our business like our brand, web design, services, products, client experience, and more. We wholeheartedly believe that, by mastering the basics, you can create an elevated client experience, run your business smoothly, serve your clients well, and create a foundation from which your business can grow.

Double-Check These Website Details for a Successful Year - 1

That being said, today, we want to share some foundational details of your website design we recommend reviewing and double-checking to ensure you’re putting your best website forward in 2022.

  1. Carefully test all of the links within your website. A few linking best practices we’re passionate about are: Be sure your website’s logo design, usually found within your header, is linked to your Home page. This allows your visitors to seamlessly navigate back to your Home page by clicking on your logo. Be sure your social media icons, linking to your social media platforms, open in a new window. That way, your visitors can remain on your website and continue browsing your website — and your social media platforms can open in a new window. Review each page of your website, and ensure all of your links are in working order, leading your visitors to the revenue-generating areas of your business.
  2. Carefully review your copywriting and content, not only for spelling and grammar but also for accuracy. Maybe your prices changed last year, and you need to update your pricing in a few areas on your website. Maybe you’d like to update the free resource offered through your newsletter opt-in. Reviewing your copywriting and content ensures, no matter where or how a prospective client comes upon your website, the information they’re seeing and receiving is correct. 
  3. Ensure your Blog is up-to-date. Having an active, regularly-updated Blog can make all the difference in serving and guiding your visitors. An active, up-to-date Blog lets your visitors know your business is operational and that providing educational or inspirational content is a part of your business operations. To keep your blog up-to-date, consider blogging about recent projects you’ve created, sharing new product or service launches, interviewing past clients you’ve served, or sharing monthly or seasonal inspiration relevant to your industry.
  4. Give your Portfolio a refresh. We believe your Portfolio should be a reflection of your best work, and the work you’d like to do more of. Use the new year as an opportunity to start fresh and ensure everything you’re including in your Portfolio is reflective of where you’d like your business to go. 
  5. Test your Contact form. We always encourage our clients to experience their brands and web designs as their prospective clients do. Test your Contact form and ensure the experience you’re providing is seamless, clear, and user-friendly. 

We hope today’s “checklist” helps to equip you and your website for success in the new year. If raising your prices is something you’re considering doing in the new year, download our free guide to raising your prices. The link for our free guide to raising your prices is in our Show Notes

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