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3 Tips for a Connection-Driven Contact Page

Over the past four weeks and past four episodes of Brand It, Build It, we’ve explored ways to enhance and elevate the Home, About, Services, and Portfolio pages within your web design. Every page of your web design serves a unique and essential purpose — and we are so hopeful the actionable tips we’ve explored have equipped you to enhance your online presence with purpose and strategy. This week, in our final episode of our web design series, we’re sharing 3 tips for a connection-driven Contact page — a page of your web design that can empower your visitors to contact you and set the stage for your client experience ahead.

3 Tips for a Connection-Driven Contact Page - Brand It Build It Podcast by With Grace and Gold and The Preset Market

3 Tips for a Connection-Driven Contact Page

At first glance, the structure of your Contact page may seem obvious: It should have your contact information and a contact form, right? Well, kind of. We believe every page of your web design has a purpose, and the purpose of your Contact page is to encourage, equip, and empower your visitors to connect with you. After all, it’s when a prospective client contacts you that you can truly begin to form a connection — to share the benefits of your services or products, to build a trusting relationship, and to guide your prospective client toward the services or products aligned with their unique needs or vision.

So, let’s dive in and explore 3 tips for a connection-driven contact page:

  1. Include more than one way to contact you. Every small business is unique, but we recommend including all of the ways you’d like to be contacted within your Contact Page. This could include your address, your email address, your phone number, and a contact form. Including more than one way to contact you lowers barriers — and equips and empowers your visitors to reach out to you in the way they feel most comfortable doing so. At With Grace and Gold, we provide our professional email address and a contact form. Because we’re a team of two, we do not have an official business phone number — but rather, we schedule phone calls and Zoom calls once we’ve received an email or contact form message from a prospective client. That way, both Andra and I can be present. As a final note, only include contact methods you would feel comfortable with clients using once their process is underway. In other words, if phone communication isn’t your preference or isn’t part of your client experience, you may want to reconsider including your phone number on your Contact page. 
  2. Set expectations. Your Contact page is the perfect place to set expectations for what prospective clients can expect moving forward. Including your business hours, and sharing when a prospective client can expect a reply from you can very helpful and can set the tone for their client experience ahead. As an example, our business hours are Monday – Thursday from 7 AM – 3 PM CST. Our Contact page shares our business hours and lets visitors know they can expect a reply from us within 24 business hours. Setting expectations and offering transparency can help to kick off a trusting and communication-driven client experience.
  3. Include Frequently Asked Questions. At With Grace and Gold, we include frequently asked questions not only on our Services page and our Shop page, but we also include frequently asked questions on our Contact page. When a visitor has a question, they’re likely to go to your Contact page to reach out to you to receive an answer to their question. By including frequently asked questions on your Contact page, you can equip your prospective clients for success by answering their questions or addressing their concerns prior to having your first communication. Including frequently asked questions can help a visitor or prospective client to feel supported and understood. 

We are so hopeful you’ve enjoyed our web design series! Tune into Episodes 42, 43, 44, and 45 to revisit our advice for enhancing and elevating your Home, About, Services, and Portfolio pages. 

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