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Tips for an Elevated Portfolio Page by With Grace and Gold - Best Showit Website Designer

3 Tips for an Elevated, Impactful Portfolio Page

In Episode 042, we explored 5 must-have details for your Home Page, in Episode 043, we discussed 5 details to elevate and enhance your About Page, and in Episode 044, we shared 5 ways to super-charge your Services Page. So, today, we’re continuing our web design series by sharing 3 tips for an elevated and impactful Portfolio page — creative ways to curate and present your portfolio of work so you can elevate your web design and more seamlessly showcase your expertise.

Tips for an Elevated Portfolio Page by With Grace and Gold - Best Showit Website Designer

3 Tips for an Elevated, Impactful Portfolio

Whether we’re serving our clients at With Grace and Gold through custom web design, or we’re creating a customizable Showit website template for our shop — we’re passionate about ensuring each Portfolio page is carefully-curated, user-friendly, and designed to help businesses grow. 

We believe your Portfolio page can be so much more than a space to showcase all of your work; it can be a curated space your visitors can connect with — a page to empower your prospective clients and visitors to connect with you and choose to work with you.

So, here are our 3 tips for an elevated, impactful Portfolio page:

  1. Know that less is more. Your Portfolio should be a carefully-curated sampling of your best work — or the work you’d like to do more of. Website visitors are often quickly clicking from one page to another and skimming each page — so it’s important for the work they do see on your Portfolio to be the best representation of your expertise. Many clients we’ve served at With Grace and Gold feel a sense of guilt about not including all the work they’ve done in their Portfolio — so we often recommend writing a blog post about each client you’ve worked with. That way, your Portfolio can be strategically curated, and your Blog can be a space for visitors to see even more of your work and expertise. 
  2. Determine how your Portfolio page will be arranged. For photographers, for example, the Portfolio page can be arranged by gallery type — such as a Lifestyle gallery, an Engagement gallery, and a Wedding Gallery. The Portfolio page could also be arranged by client — a collection of separate couples’ sessions or weddings. To create a user-friendly experience, we often recommend no more than 10 galleries within a Portfolio page — and no more than 30 photos within each gallery. By curating those photos and taking a “less is more” approach, you can share your must-see work and rest assured each gallery is representative of your expertise. 
  3. Tell your visitors what they should see or what they can appreciate about each gallery. When a prospective client is comparing one business to another — such as one photographer to another photographer — they’re looking for a client experience they want to be part of and photography they’d love to see themselves in. But there’s so much we can do as business owners to let our visitors know what they should see or appreciate about the work we’ve done. Include a brief paragraph or two about each gallery and point out why the work is so meaningful or special. You could talk about the details, the scenery, the lighting, or the experience as a whole. When you tell your visitors what is special about your work, you’re giving visitors an opportunity to not only appreciate your work but the intention and expertise behind it.

We are so hopeful you’ve enjoyed our web design series — and that these 3 tips help you to elevate your Portfolio page. 

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December 5, 2020


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