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5 Details to Elevate and Enhance Your About Page

Last week, in Episode 042, we explored 5 Must-Have Details for Your Home Page — details that can help you set the tone for your website’s visitors and create a strong foundation for your online presence as a whole. Details we include within each custom web design we create at With Grace and Gold.

This week, we’re going to explore 5 Details to Elevate and Enhance Your About Page — and continue our series in the weeks ahead by exploring ways to enhance your Services, Portfolio, Blog, and Contact pages. Your About page can be so much more than a place to share who you are and what you bring to your business, and we’re excited to share how!

Elevate and Enhance Your About Page - Brand It Build It Podcast - With Grace and Gold and The Preset Market

5 Details to Elevate and Enhance Your About Page

Every small business is unique, so every web design’s features will be unique, too. However, these 5 details could help you to approach your About page in a fresh, new way — and could help you to create a more elevated experience for your website’s visitors. Your About page can help visitors to get to know you and your business more deeply — and it can help you to establish your expertise, too!

  1. Your elevator pitch. Just like your Home page, your About page should include your brief elevator pitch — who you are, what you do, who you serve, and if your business is location-bound, where you serve them. Visitors often visit your About page to learn the ins and outs of your business, so it’s important for your elevator pitch to be present right away. That way, a visitor will know whether or not they are in the right place, and therefore, will know whether or not they should continue exploring your website and business as a whole.
  2. Your one-of-a-kind approach to what you do. Once a visitor knows what you do, take an opportunity to share how you do what you do. As an example, when someone is shopping around for a photographer, they want to hire a photographer not only because of what they do — but also because of who they are and the one-of-a-kind client experience they create for the clients they serve. So, what is your unique approach? How do you do what you do? Why should your visitors choose your business over another? What unique results do your clients experience? When you know and share how you do what you do — or the special touch you bring to your services, products, or client experience — you can give your visitors and opportunity to truly understand your expertise and the benefits of choosing your business over another.
  3. Your photo and brief biography. Of course, your About page should also include your photo and a brief biography. Including your photo will help to establish a connection between you and your website’s visitors. The copywriting you include should be written to your Ideal Client — letting your visitors know what they can expect to come away with or experience as a result of working with you. Rather than writing about yourself — your likes, your preferences, or your personality — consider writing about what outcomes your clients or customers can expect to experience. This will help your copywriting to truly communicate on your behalf and showcase the value of the products or services you offer through your business.
  4. Testimonials. Including testimonials — quotes from your past customers or clients — can help to uplift your About page, too. While what you share about your business is helpful, social proof — or the words of past customers or clients — can help to instill more confidence in your products and services. Testimonials can make all the difference in helping your visitors to see themselves taking part in your services or purchasing your products.
  5. Features, awards, or accolades. Consider including any press features, awards, or accolades you’ve received. Maybe you’ve been featured in a magazine, or maybe you’ve been a keynote speaker at a conference. Sharing how your business plays a role in your community, in your field, or in the world can help to establish and build your credibility — and elevate your visitor’s perception of your business. 

Adding in even one of these features to your existing About page can make a difference — so we hope today’s episode has helped to point you in the right direction with regards to what can be included on your About page. 

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