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How to Write Your Service Descriptions and Connect with Your Client

April 6, 2019

For service-based businesses, the way we present our services matters. As small business owners, we are so familiar with our own businesses — which means we may accidentally overlook the details of our businesses and our services that our clients will connect with most. Today, we’re excited to share how to write service descriptions for your business!

How to Write Your Service Descriptions

How to Write Your Service Descriptions

  • Begin by thinking about your clients. For service-based businesses, there are so many details to know about the services we offer. Begin by thinking: Which of those details will matter most to my clients? This way, you can compose your service descriptions with your client in mind — focusing in on the aspects of your services that matter most to them rather than to you. (On this same thread, avoid using jargon – or technical terms your client won’t understand.)
  • Speak directly to your client. Guide your clients from where they are today to where they can be as a result of working with you. Because you’re an expert in your field, it’s essential for you to bring your clients along on a journey. Don’t leave your clients wondering what service is best for them — let them know in a clear, concise way. Beginning your description with the word “You” can be a great starting place.
  • Make note of your client’s pain point – and focus on the benefits of working with you. Your client needs to feel understood and acknowledged in order to know they’re in the right place. make mention of your client’s pain point, and let your client know where they could be as a result of working with you. In addition to the “physical” deliverables of working with you, what are the emotional deliverables? For example, if you’re a wedding photographer — while you do provide wedding photography, you also provide heirlooms, you capture memories and moments, and you help create a seamless day for the clients you serve.
  • Use different headings or bullets for clarity. Whether you’re sharing about your services on your website or in a brochure, use different headings or bullets to provide clarity and to ensure the service is easy to read and absorb.

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