3 Reasons to Schedule Your Social Media Posts How Scheduling Your Social Media Posts Can Serve Your Business

Kelly here! Since becoming a business owner, something I’ve loved doing is “batching” my to-dos together. For me “batching” my to-dos looks like putting together similar tasks and completing them all in one “turn.” So, every Friday, I compose and schedule With Grace and Gold’s blog posts and social media posts for the coming week — and sometimes, for the coming month — using Buffer and Planoly.

Scheduling our social media posts in advance became a huge relief, because we were then able to serve our Clients wholeheartedly Monday through Thursday, without worrying about or checking in on our social media platforms during the business day. Today, we’re excited to share 3 reasons to schedule your social media posts — 3 reasons that can serve any small business well.

3 Reasons to Schedule Your Social Media Posts | With Grace and Gold | Branding, Web Design, and Education for Creative Women in Business

3 Reasons to Schedule Your Social Media Posts

  1. You’ll compose more purposeful social media posts. When I sit down at my desk every Friday to compose and schedule our blog posts and social media posts, I’m in the right mindset for composing purposeful posts. Because Client work is reserved for Monday through Thursday, I know I can use Friday to think about blogging and social media marketing in a more concentrated way. So, if you find yourself hopping on social media every day, and thinking, “What should I post today?” we encourage you to set aside a dedicated day, morning, or afternoon to schedule your posts. Doing so will help you to think more clearly and more strategically about what you’d like to post — and when.
  2. You’ll reduce distractions during your workday. As mentioned, because we serve our Clients Monday through Thursday and schedule our posts on Fridays, we are able to reduce distractions during our workday, Monday through Thursday. We know all of our social media posts will be “sent out” as scheduled, because of Buffer and Planoly. We are able to maintain focus during the workday, because our blog posts and social media posts have “taken care of themselves.”
  3. You’ll take better advantage of time-sensitive dates and plan ahead more effectively. One fun perk of scheduling your social media posts in advance is: you’ll take better advantage of holidays and special occasions. As we look ahead, we can clearly see certain holidays or sales opportunities — like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. When you plan your social media posts in advance, you can more effectively plan for these time-sensitive dates, which can serve your business really well!


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