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Episode 063: Beyond Your Brand: Action Steps to Grow Your Brand and Business

April 23, 2021

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A few weeks ago, we began a podcast series called “Beyond Your Brand” through which we’ve explored how to create a purposeful, connection-driven brand — and how to use your brand successfully in the future to create brand awareness and to grow a successful small business. Today, we’re recapping the main takeaways from our Beyond Your Brand Series — and sharing 3 additional action steps you can take to grow your brand and business.

Action Steps to Grow Your Brand and Business

Over the past few weeks, we’ve explored creating brand consistency, creating an experience through your brand, and building versatility into your brand. So, what are the main takeaways from Episodes 060, 061, and 062?

In Episode 060, we learned that, according to Forbes, “Consistent brand presentation across all platforms increases revenue by up to 23 percent.”Once you’ve designed — or you’ve hired a professional designer to design — your brand, use your Brand Manual to carry your brand design through every area of your small business: your email signature, your web design, your social media, your third-party services, and beyond. Not only will consistency help with brand recognition, but it will also help your prospective clients and customers and your current clients and customers to experience the seamlessness and credibility of your business as a whole.

In Episode 061, we discussed how your brand can create an experience for your audience. Visitors often come upon our businesses from a diverse array of places — perhaps from Google, from social media, or from a blog post we’ve written. This lets us know just how important it is to ensure every detail of our brand needs to be consistent and create the same connection-driven experience from beginning to end. We recommend journeying through your business in a variety of ways, just as your prospective clients and customers would. Look through your social media profiles for a consistent aesthetic and consistent messaging, scroll through your website and ensure your web design creates the experience you want it to. Your commitment to creating an experience  for your audience will help your audience to feel more connected to your business, which can lead to loyalty to your brand as a whole.

In Episode 062, we shared how your brand can be designed with both your short-term and long-term business goals in mind. Determine where you’d like your business to go — what you see as the big picture for your small business. When you build your business with your goals in mind, you can ensure the steps you’re taking today are bringing you closer to the business you’d like to be.

Summed up, through the Beyond Your Brand series, we’ve discovered that, not only is important to have a brand designed for your short-term and long-term business goals, but it’s also important to use your brand effectively — creating consistency from one platform to another and creating an experience so your audience will feel a meaningful connection to your business.

3 Action Steps to Grow Your Business and Brand

  1. Audit your brand. Is your brand truly working on behalf of your small business? Is it effectively communicating the value of your products and services, and effectively showcasing your expertise? In Episode 048, we share 5 Questions to Ask Before Rebranding, in Episode 049, we share 3 Steps to a Long-Lasting Brand, and in Episode 052, we share The Best Time to Rebrand your Business. Exploring these episodes can help to guide you as you examine your existing brand or look toward pursuing a new brand.
  2. Consider working with a professional designer. A professional designer can bring education, expertise, and experience to your brand design — thinking of and approaching your brand design in a purpose-driven way. A professional designer should consider your short-term and long-term business goals, how you’d like your business to be perceived by your audience, and so much more — creating a well-rounded, well-designed, and cohesive brand for your business.
  3. Be extremely mindful of your audience’s experience with your business and brand. We often share with clients, “While we want you to love your brand design, we believe your brand design should be a blend of what you love and what your Ideal Client will feel connected to.” Because, after all, your brand, web design, and online presence as a whole are designed to help you connect with and serve your audience. So, the more your brand connects with and resonates with your audience — the more likely you are to build a connection, create brand loyalty, and have a brand designed to move your business forward… a brand working on behalf of your business.

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