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Prepping Your Website for a Busy Season

For many small business owners, particularly wedding professionals, summer is peak season. Summer is often used to work in your business — serving your clients and doing the work you love most. Even if you’re not a wedding professional, it’s possible your business has a peak season, too — a few months in which your client work is all you have capacity for as a business owner.

We have experienced, first-hand, what it feels like to work in our business too much — rather than regularly maintaining all areas of our business. We know, when our brand and web design are working for us, and when our marketing is done consistently — we are actively moving our business forward… allowing key areas of our business to work for us, even when we’re in a busy or full season. 

To decrease overwhelm as a new season approaches, I want to share a few ways to prepare your website for a busy season. As you serve your clients and send more prospective clients to your website, it’s essential to ensure your website puts your best foot forward — equipping you for success in the seasons beyond busy season.

Prepping Your Website for a Busy Season

As a small business owner, you know there are several key areas of your small business to manage. Every small business owner tackles working on their business and working in their business differently. Some business owners choose to have one housekeeping day per week, one housekeeping week per quarter — or something creative in between. 

No matter your strategy for maintaining your business — working on your business — today, I want to explore 4 key ways to prepare your website for a busy season. That way, as your busy season is underway, you can confidently know your website is working for you and helping to propel your business forward.

  1. Carefully review your web design. Carefully comb through each and every detail. On the first look, review your design to ensure the details of your business, your products, and your services are accurate. That way, when a prospective customer or client comes upon your business during your busy season, you can rest assured they are receiving the most accurate, up-to-date information. On the next look, review your design to ensure your photos are up-to-date. Take a moment to update your website’s photos, galleries, and videos. That way, your visitors are seeing your best and most recent work. On the final look, carefully consider the message your website is communicating: If your business has become more elevated, or if you’ve been wanting to raise your prices because of the luxury experience you provide, consider making small adjustments to ensure your message and value are being clearly and professionally communicated.
  2. Test your website in every way. Test the links in your navigation menu, and test your contact form. Click through your website in various ways and on various devices to ensure you’re creating a user-friendly experience for your visitors. Further, by testing your contact form, you can ensure prospective clients are able to reach you and continue connecting with you seamlessly.
  3. Set expectations for clients who get in touch with you via email or your contact form. If busy season means you’re unable to answer emails as quickly as before, be sure to set expectations for clients who get in touch with you. Consider adding an announcement bar to your website letting visitors know you are excited to reply within 48 or 72 business hours. Or, consider creating an automated reply for email messages — sharing more detailed information about your services and letting prospective clients know when they can expect a reply. By setting expectations, you can set the tone for a personal, communication-driven process ahead — while creating a buffer for yourself in such a busy season.
  4. Consider pursuing a new purpose-driven web design. I know, it may sound silly to pursue an entirely new brand and web design before a busy season is underway — but hear me out: The sooner you have a polished, elevated brand and web design working for you, the sooner you can confidently and seamlessly showcase your expertise and value — and connect with your Ideal Client. Every design business is unique, but just know, the design process doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With a designer to lead and guide you through the process, you can come away with an elevated brand and web design to serve your business and serve your prospective clients — even when you’re busy working. 

I hope these tips help you prepare for summer — or for any busy season in your business! 

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May 3, 2021


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