How to Quickly + Easily Upload Instagram Story Icons A little trick for uploading Instagram Story icons quickly and easily!

Instagram is an awesome tool for small business owners! Nowadays, Instagram is more than a photo-posting app; Instagram is a place to share candid content, curated video content, and more. One of our favorite Instagram features is Instagram Stories! Today, we’re sharing a tutorial for quickly and easily uploading Instagram Story icons to your Instagram profile! (Instagram Story icons can be used as the ‘featured photos’ for the featured or highlighted stories you showcase on your profile! Take a peek at our profile to see what we mean!)

How to Quickly and Easily Upload Instagram Story Icons

How to Quickly and Easily Upload Instagram Story Icons

Step 1: Create or purchase icons. So many amazing designers on Creative Market have created icons for you to use on your profile. Here’s a quick peek at the search results on Creative Market. Simply purchase a set of icons you’d love to use.

Step 2: AirDrop the icons to your phone. We recommend using AirDrop from your Mac to your iPhone. On your Mac, highlight the icons, use control and click, select Share, and then AirDrop to your iPhone. Once complete, your icons will be added to your iPhone’s photos.

Step 3: In Instagram, click on the story you’d like to update. Visit your Instagram profile, and click on the story you’d like to update. Once you’re in the story, click on ••• > Edit Highlight.

Step 4: Click on Edit Cover. Then, click on Edit Cover at the top of your screen. When you do, you’ll find a variety of photos to choose from as the cover of your Instagram Story. Rather than choosing a photo…

Step 5: Click on the photo icon on the left to choose a photo directly from your media. Then, choose any icon you’d added to your phone’s photos to represent your story.

There you have it! This is the quick and easy way to upload custom icons to your Instagram Stories!

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