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Lark: A Showit Template

Lark is a polished, feminine Showit website template for creative business owners. Showcase your business in a beautiful, professional way!

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Website Launch Checklist

Whether you're launching a new website for yourself or for a client of yours, use our Website Launch Checklist to ensure every detail is covered!

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Your Services page is one of the most important pages of your website. Your Services Page is where you bring your prospective clients from where they are today to where they want to be. Beyond sharing about your services, how can you encourage your prospective clients to contact you or learn more?

How to Write Your Services Page

  1. Begin by identifying who your Ideal Client is. Let them know they are in the right place!
    We often get asked, ‘How do I attract more of my Ideal Client?’ And while there are a lot of reasons you may not be booking your Ideal Client, it begins with your website and Services page! Are you letting your visitors know right away who you want to work with? This helps eliminate the inquiries that might not connect with you, and brings in the ones who you do want to work with! Your Services page is a great opportunity to set clear expectations with who you want to work with.  Let it be known! (Idea: You could always create a fun, engaging quiz to help your Ideal Client better determine if they are in the right place!)
  2. Then, offer a clear explanation of your services, in layman’s terms.
    This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many websites we’ve come upon and leave, not yet understanding what the business offers! (Or, we leave more confused than when we started!) Be sure to give clear and concise explanations of what you do.  To help, think about an ‘elevator pitch’ for each of your services. If you only had 10 seconds to explain each of your services to someone, what would you say? Also, remember that some visitors may not know anything about what you do! So, pretend as if you are speaking to your Ideal Client when writing these explanations! If you want to go the extra mile, ask a friend or family member to help explain what you do. They might have a better outside perspective! (Idea: If your clients need more support while they choose the service best for them, you could use this tool to match them with their service!)
  3. Next, let your visitors know why they should purchase from you or work with you.
    Remember, your website is often the first place and opportunity to sell yourself and your services! Why would a visitor want to book you over someone else? Your Services page is the perfect place to let potential clients know what sets you apart, and what makes you the person for them and for their needs! Do you have experience others don’t? Is it your unique Client Experience that sets you apart? What about you and your team? What makes you different? Let visitors know why they should book you!
  4. Make your pricing tiers easily accessible and visible. (Optional)
    There are differing points of view when it comes to sharing your pricing on your Services page — or not. But at With Grace and Gold, we like to let our prospective clients know our pricing, so that we receive inquiries from clients who understand the value of brand and web design and are ready to learn more or move forward!
  5. Finally, offer a call-to-action. What should your visitors do next?
    This is crucial! Your visitor is excited and ready to book… but now what? It’s important to include clear calls-to-action on your Services page! Do you want prospective clients to contact you? Make sure there is a clear place that they can get in touch!


We are so hopeful these tips will guide you when it comes to writing your Services page! What questions can we answer for you? Share in the comments below!

Our most recently celebrated Custom Design Experience is for Melanie Ruth Photography! We were honored to create a custom brand and Showit web design for Melanie's east coast photography business.

Her design features natural textures and details to create a warm, welcoming aesthetic. Learn More About Melanie's Design


Melanie Ruth Photography

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Lark is a polished, feminine, detailed Showit website and blog for creative business owners. Lark  contains engaging features and heartfelt details and is sure to "wow" your Ideal Client! Learn More



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Simply choose your design, customize your design, and launch your design. DIYing your web design has never been easier!

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