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At With Grace and Gold, we have the honor of serving diverse businesses and business owners through brand and web design. Today, we’re excited to share 4 keys to a successful rebrand.  In other words: How can a business owner make the most of the brand design process?

4 Keys to a Successful Rebrand

  1. Invest in a Professional. We really feel passionately about hiring a professional to serve your business through branding and design.  There are many reasons, including: Professional designers are trained and educated in what a professional brand should consist of, professional designers know how to help you reach your Ideal Client, and professional designers are able to create a meaningful, lasting, and purposeful brand to help your business succeed.  By hiring a professional, you can actually save money – especially when you think of the Ideal Clients you may be missing out on, as a result of your existing branding.  You can also save time – as you won’t be trudging through the branding process on your own.  To top it all off, we like to think our branding process is fun and engaging! We offer education, friendship — and a few goodies — along the way!
  2. Focus on Your Why.  Your ‘why’ is the reason you established your business in the first place.  Your ‘why’ is all about your passion, your purpose, and your reason for wanting to serve people through your business.  Essentially, it’s the core of your business and it’s what sets you apart from other businesses.  When you focus on your why throughout the branding and design process, you can ensure that a strong foundation is being built, and that you’ll come away with a design that is true to you and your vision.
  3. Avoid Comparison.  Although it can be challenging to do, it’s extremely important!  Avoiding comparison will help you to embrace the season of business ownership you are in.  Avoiding comparison will help you to come away with something even better than the designs you love and look up to.  We always remind ourselves and our Clients: Your branding is all about telling your unique story.
  4. Really Celebrate.  Many business owners wonder… “I have a new brand. Now, what do I do with it?” Well, we say… Celebrate it! Really celebrate it!  Your brand isn’t something that should ‘sneak up on’ your readers, viewers, and visitors. It’s something you should point out, celebrate, and explain to your followers.  That way, you can share what is the same, what is different, what your values are, and what they can expect from your business moving forward.  A rebrand is a journey you should bring your followers along on!

Since 2014, With Grace and Gold has provided brand and web design for creative small business owners. Hire With Grace and Gold or shop With Grace and Gold’s pre-made designs and Showit website templates – and come away with an elevated brand and web design for your small business!

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