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Episode 087: What We Changed at With Grace and Gold in 2021

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November 24, 2021

With 2022 just around the corner, I wanted to use this week’s episode to reflect on the changes we’ve made at With Grace and Gold in 2021. The beauty of small business ownership is always being able to grow, change, and evolve the more you learn and the more you explore — so today, I’ve rounded up the changes we’ve made at With Grace and Gold… a few which even surprised me!

What We Changed at With Grace and Gold in 2021

This year, With Grace and Gold celebrated its 7th year in business. These seven years have truly flown by — and when we look back on those years, the business we are today feels so far away from the business we were when we first began. 

As new business owners, we feared too much change — changing our brand, changing our prices, changing our services — and now, with more experience, we see so much value in change. After all, the sooner you make a change in the right direction, the sooner you can ensure all of the details of your business are working on your behalf. This week, we’ve rounded up 4 things we’ve changed at With Grace and Gold in 2021:

  1. We launched a new brand and web design for With Grace and Gold. In October, we launched a new brand and web design for With Grace and Gold, focusing more intentionally on the two paths our customers and clients can journey through: our Showit website templates or our Custom Brand and Web Design Experience. With both Andra and I living in Minnesota now, we wanted our web design to be a resource-driven place rooted in connection… in serving and helping our visitors find the products, services, or education aligned with their goals. 
  2. We began holding quarterly meetings. Before 2021, we would meet once per year in October to discuss our goals and plans for the year ahead. Now, with quarterly meetings, we are able to continuously discuss changes, quickly overcome roadblocks or problem solve, and approach every quarter with more awareness and purpose. To stay organized, Andra and I keep a shared document with a list of every topic we’d like to discuss at our next quarterly meeting — which allows us to stay focused from week to week, knowing those topics will soon be discussed. 
  3. We began offering a Web Design Audit service. Last week, in Episode 086, we discussed what a web design audit can do for you and your business. This new service is our way of being able to meet directly with business owners who are interested in learning more about how to make their current web design work on their behalf — with action steps and takeaways for creating a more elevated, conversion-driven web design.
  4. We gave away more free resources than ever before. From our free LinkTree template and our free Showit website template, to our free guide to raising your prices confidently — in 2021, we gave away more free resources than ever before. Giving in these ways is really special to us, because these resources can be truly helpful for small business growth. 

In 2021, we truly opened our minds up to change — and doing so has allowed us to experience new things as business owners, serve our clients with more purpose and heart, and curate offerings we truly believe in.

What is one thing you changed in 2021?

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