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Episode 086: What can a web design audit do for you?

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November 24, 2021

Whether you’ve been in business for 1 year or for 10 years, it’s likely the web design you have today isn’t the web design you started your business with. Maybe you’ve customized a template, and today, your web design looks nothing like your originally-chosen design. Or maybe you’ve worked with a professional designer, and over time, you’ve added, removed, or rearranged certain details. If you want to ensure your web design is still working for you — working on behalf of your business — then today’s episode is for you!

What can a web design audit do for you?

Having a purpose-driven, connection-focused web design can make all the difference for small business owners. It can mean the difference between a visitor staying engaged with your website and confidently choosing to purchase from you — or a visitor leaving your website and choosing another business. 

The truth is, though, small business owners are busy! From managing your client work to marketing your business, it’s natural and understandable when reviewing your web design or polishing your web design falls to the wayside. 

Today, we want to answer the question: What can a web design audit do for you? With Grace and Gold offers a web design audit service, so today’s episode shares more about what a web design audit is and how a web design audit can help you to elevate and grow your business.

  1. A new, fresh perspective on your web design. Sending your existing web design along to friends, family, past clients, and peers can be helpful — but the most valuable person to hear from is someone brand new to your business… someone who will look at your web design through the lens of a prospective client. By booking a web design audit, you’ll be able to gather a new, fresh perspective on your web design and learn more about how new visitors are understanding and engaging with your business. 
  2. A web designer’s expertise and recommendations. A professional web designer can lend their expertise and recommendations to you — and share strategic, meaningful, impactful ways to elevate your web design. All web design businesses are unique, but we believe having access and gathering insight from a professional web designer can be truly valuable. 
  3. Action steps for elevating your existing web design. If you aren’t quite ready to purchase a website template or pursue a custom web design service, the action steps you receive will equip you to make high-impact, meaningful adjustments to your existing web design. This can save you time and money — which is a win for all small business owners. 

Today, we shared 3 things a web design audit can do for you and for your business. Learn more about With Grace and Gold’s web design audit service here!

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