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5 Ways to Make Your Website Work for Your Business

Over the years, the role a website can play for a small business has changed and evolved. In the past, you may have perceived your website as a place to showcase your products and services — what you have to offer as a small business. Today, though, you may see your website as the visual foundation from which your small business can grow and succeed — a connection-driven resource for your visitors. 

Your website can help you form a meaningful connection with your visitors, guide your visitors toward the products or services best aligned with their needs, and equip your visitors to purchase your products or book your services. Summed up, your website can grow your small business in measurable, meaningful ways. 

Today, we want to explore 5 ways to make your website work for your business… to ensure that your website is more than a place to showcase your portfolio of work — but also a purpose-driven resource designed to serve your audience and grow your business.

5 Ways to Make Your Website Work for Your Business

At With Grace and Gold, we think of your website as a tool — a resource your small business can use to do meaningful work on behalf of your business. When your website is designed with purpose and strategy, your website can communicate on your behalf, market your business effectively, and increase your sales and bookings, too. Today, we want to explore 5 ways to make your website work for your business — to ensure your website is a place rooted in your goals and long-term success.

  1. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes. This first tip is critical, because putting yourself in your audience’s shoes helps you to reframe the way you look at your website and how it should function. While we, as business owners, may be inclined to talk about ourselves, our products, and our services from our own point of view — it’s essential for us to share about our business, products, and services in ways meaningful to our audience. For example, while we can share what we value about our brand and web design services at With Grace and Gold, it matters more that our visitors know what they’ll come away with, how brand and web design would change their business, or how they’llfeel while journeying through our design process. Put simply, we need to share what our services can mean to our visitors — rather than focusing solely on what our services mean to us. If you think about the products or services you have purchased, it’s likely that learning about the benefits of those products and services — how those products and services would enhance your life or your business — motivated you to make your purchase. So, our first tip is to put yourself in your audience’s shoes and remember your website should be rooted in connecting with, guiding, and serving your audience.
  2. Pare down your content with purpose. When it comes to web design, less can be more. The content on your website should educate, empower, and equip your visitors to take their next step confidently — whether their next step is to make a purchase or to reach out and connect with you. When composing your copywriting, again, it’s essential to put yourself in your audience’s shoes. Write about your products or services knowing your visitors are likely to be beginners, exploring your products and services for the very first time. Start at the beginning, avoid using jargon — or terminology only an expert will know — and bring your visitors along on the journey of learning about your services, seeing how your services are beneficial, and sharing how to move forward.
  3. Pare down your offerings. In Episode 008, we explored the problem with offering too many services and how to strategically decide which services to offer within your small business. By paring down your offerings, you can make the decision-making process easier and more seamless for your audience. Paring down your offerings allows your website to more effectively guide your visitors toward the products or services best-aligned with their needs or goals. Again, Episode 008 shares a few ways to know you’re offering too many services and tips for effectively paring down your services. 
  4. Ensure every page of your website has a goal. Every page of your website needs to be created with a specific goal in mind. Most buttons and calls-to-action should lead visitors toward the revenue-generating areas of your small business, equipping your visitors to seamlessly learn more about your services or purchase your products. If a page doesn’t have a specific goal, consider the ways your content could be pared down or condensed in order to ensure every page brings visitors on a logical and step-by-step journey.
  5. Make pursuing your products or services easy to do. If you offer products, make sure the checkout process is seamless and smooth. The fewer clicks, the better! If you offer services, make sure the steps for learning more or getting started are clearly laid out. When visiting your website, visitors are often thinking, “What is my next step?” Or “How do I get started?” Knowing this, ensure the layout of your website is clear, concise, and user-friendly so pursuing your offerings can be done really seamlessly!

Which of these strategies will you apply to your website? Tag us on Instagram @withgraceandgold and let us know what your favorite takeaway was! 

June 21, 2021


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