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Convert Your Website Visitors to Paying Clients

When I say the word “conversion” what comes to mind? Over the years, conversion has become a buzzword in small business and small business marketing — but what does conversion mean, and why should you want to convert your website visitors to paying clients?

In marketing and web design, the definition of conversion is: “When a website visitor completes a desired goal.” Therefore, a conversion-focused website, or a website that converts, is a website strategically-designed to help your visitors complete your desired goal or goals — to choose to book your services, purchase your products, or further engage with your business in the ways you hope. 

Today, I’m sharing 5 actionable ways to create a conversion-focused website — to convert your website visitors to paying clients.

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How to Convert Website Visitors to Paying Clients

How-To Convert Your Visitors to Paying Clients

  1. Immediately and consistently share your elevator pitch. When creating custom web designs for our clients, we aim to share their elevator pitch first thing, above the fold — or before visitors begin scrolling down their Home page. (In addition, we recommend including your elevator pitch within the Footer of your web design, so no matter which page your visitors come upon first, they will be able to quickly and easily learn the key details about your business.) Your elevator pitch should share, essentially, who you are, what you do, who you serve, and if your business is location-bound, where you serve your clients. Your elevator pitch lets visitors know whether they are in the right place — whether your business offers a solution to the problem they are facing.
  2. Be intentional about your copywriting and headings. Our website’s visitors are likely to scroll and skim our website in order to understand our businesses — so we recommend being intentional about your copywriting, writing as clearly and simply as possible, and paying special attention to your heading — sharing your strongest, most impactful messaging in your headings, since those are most likely to be read and digested by your visitors. Providing too much information on your website can be overwhelming to visitors — and lead visitors away from your website, and therefore, your business. (We share more about this in Episode 055!) So, use your copywriting wisely.
  3. Speak directly to your audience; write about your products and services in a way your audience will connect with and value. Ensure your copywriting speaks directly to your audience. If it’s helpful, think of your website as a way to communicate on your behalf — to say to your visitors what you would say to a prospective client in person. Write about your products and services in a way your audience will connect with, by addressing the pain points your visitors are experiencing, and letting visitors know you have a solution to their problem. As business owners, it’s natural to want to share what our services mean to us — but reframing your approach and sharing about your products and services with your visitors in mind can make a big difference.
  4. Remember, simpler is better. As professional web designers, there is nothing we love more than a creative, detailed, and experiential web design. However, we’re firm believers that your design should never overshadow or compete with the strategy behind your web design. In other words, we would rather create a simpler, cleaner web design rooted in purpose and strategy than a detailed web design that could detract from the goals of our clients. Over the years, we’ve found ourselves paring down on our own content, simplifying our own web design, because we’ve seen how a simpler design can more seamlessly lead visitors toward the content, products, and services they are in search of or in need of. So, less can truly be more. 
  5. Determine a call-to-action for every page of your website. Think about what you’d like your website’s visitors to do. If you’re a service-based business, perhaps you want your visitors to complete your contact form and begin the process of working with you. If you’re a product-based business, perhaps you want your visitors to check out. Every page of your web design should have a goal, and therefore, a call-to-action. For example, after a visitor explores your services or packages, a call-to-action leading them to your Contact page can be extremely beneficial. 

I am so hopeful these 5 actionable tips help you to approach your website in a conversion-focused way and convert your visitors to paying clients. In the end, your online presence should work on behalf of your business — even when you’re not working; it should seamlessly serve, educate, and guide your visitors toward the products or services best-aligned with their needs.

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