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5 Tools to Strengthen Your Website - With Grace and Gold - Custom Brand and Web Design for Creatives Small Business Owners

5 Tools to Strengthen Your Website

If you were to ask us what we believe has made the biggest difference for the growth of our small business, we’d say trial and error — being open and willing to make and test small adjustments to our business on a regular basis. Whether we’re adjusting our client experience and process, or we’re exploring new ways to communicate our message — a willingness to acknowledge our current solution may not be our best solution has made all the difference. 

Today, I want to share 5 tools to strengthen your website — 5 ways you can change your website for the better, even if you believe your current website is good enough as-is. You may just discover a solution that helps to grow your small business. 

5 Tools to Strengthen Your Website - With Grace and Gold - Custom Brand and Web Design for Creatives Small Business Owners

5 Tools to Strengthen Your Website

  1. A cohesive brand. More than a logo design, a cohesive brand is likely to include a primary logo design, secondary logo designs, patterns, textures, and a purposefully-chosen color palette and font styles. When your brand is intentionally carried throughout your web design, your website can better communicate the value of your products and services, better connect with your audience, and truly work on behalf of your small business.
  2. A clear goal. For small business owners, your website can be more than a place to showcase your past work — but a place to lead and guide your visitors toward purchasing your products and booking your services. With a clear goal in mind, you can create your web design from a fresh point of view; you can ensure every page has a call-to-action guiding visitors and working on behalf of your business, even beyond your business hours.
  3. Professional-looking photography. Whether you hire a professional photographer, purchase professional stock photography, or create professional-looking photography on your own — photography can make a big difference in the way your business is perceived. Professional-looking photos can showcase the value of the products and services you offer, help to build or establish credibility, and help support your brand and web design overall.
  4. Client or customer testimonials. Your past clients’ and past customers’ experiences matter. Learning about their experiences help you to understand what is going well in your business, what can be improved upon, and how your services or products are experienced from a client’s point of view. Not only can you include testimonials within your web design to help strengthen your website, but you can also use feedback to enhance your products, services, and process overall. 
  5. Various ways to contact you or connect with you. At a minimum, we recommend including a contact form, your professional email address, and your social media links within your web design. Additionally, you may choose to offer a link to schedule a phone call or Zoom call with you. (In Episode 054, we discuss the pros and cons of offering a chat feature, too!) With various ways to contact you or connect with you, you provide your website’s visitors with options for learning more about your products or services. 

Which of these tools will you experiment with or add to your website? Tag us on Instagram @withgraceandgold and let us know what you think of today’s episode!

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March 11, 2021


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