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Budget-Friendly Business Tips

Nearly every part of running our small business is done online — and maybe the same is true for your small business, too. We communicate with our clients via Zoom and email, we share about our business through our website, social media marketing, and email newsletters — and we rely on our online presence to communicate on behalf of our business, to engage and serve our audience, and to grow.

Though running an online small business is often perceived as more cost effective than running a brick-and-mortar business, with so many moving pieces, expenses can certainly add up. In the end, no matter what type of business you run — online or brick-and-mortar — and no matter how new or experienced you are as a small business owner — having fewer expenses and running your business in a budget-friendly way is always helpful. So, today, I want to share budget-friendly options for brand design, web design, photography, and copywriting — the makings of a professional, connection-driven online presence, achieved in a budget-friendly way.

Budget-Friendly Business Tips

Every small business owner is in a unique season. Maybe you’re a new business owner who wants to be sure your business model is proven before investing further. Maybe you’re an experienced business owner who is committed to a specific budget. Maybe you’re on a path all your own, experimenting with different budget-friendly options for your business. No matter your story, today, we’re excited to explore budget-friendly options for brand design, web design, photography, and copywriting.

Budget-Friendly Brand Design

While we believe every small business should eventually have a one-of-a-kind brand to align with their unique business, vision, and goals — there are budget-friendly options available as a starting place. One option is a semi-custom brand — a pre-made brand design which can be customized to align with your unique preferences. While a custom brand can sometimes be an investment of thousands of dollars, a semi-custom brand can be an investment of hundreds of dollars. Through a semi-custom brand design experience, you’ll come away with the foundation of a polished, elevated brand — a primary logo design, secondary logo designs, patterns, font styles, and a color palette — and be equipped to carry those details throughout your marketing materials in a cohesive and professional way.

Budget-Friendly Web Design

Just as we believe in the power of a one-of-a-kind brand, we believe in the power of a one-of-a-kind web design — a web design uniquely-tailored to your business, vision, and goals. Until you are ready to pursue a custom web design for your small business, a website template offers a great starting place. With a website template, you can lay the foundation for your small business and help your business to gain traction.

Budget-Friendly Photography

Just like professional brand and web design, professional photography can help to capture a specific feeling and communicate on behalf of your small business. But until you’re ready to pursue professional photography on behalf of your small business, stock photography is our favorite option. Stock photography resources like Social Squares, Social Curator, Sourced Co, and ColorJoy offer a seamless way to hand-pick photography for use within your web design or social media marketing.

Budget-Friendly Copywriting

Working with a professional copywriter can help you to ensure the wording within your web design is truly working on behalf of your small business. Until you are able or ready to pursue professional copywriting, our favorite budget-friendly way of pursuing copywriting is to explore the copywriting resources created by professional copywriters. From prompts to guidebooks, professional copywriters often have a budget-friendly alternative to working one-on-one. 

Since 2014, With Grace and Gold has provided brand and web design for creative small business owners. Hire With Grace and Gold or shop With Grace and Gold’s pre-made designs and Showit website templates – and come away with an elevated brand and web design for your small business!

March 18, 2021


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