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3 Misconceptions About Your Web Design

Since 2014, we have been honored to journey through the custom web design process with more than 500 small business owners. Though the goals of each client we serve differ, there are foundational goals we have at With Grace and Gold to ensure the web designs we create are not only beautiful — but also purpose-driven, connection-focused, and strategically-designed to equip our clients for success. We wholeheartedly believe in the power of professional web design — how your web design can form a meaningful connection with each visitor, how your web design can seamlessly lead and guide visitors toward the products or services aligned with their needs, and how your web design can truly work on behalf of your small business, even beyond your business hours. Today, I want to explore 3 misconceptions about your web design. By exploring these 3 misconceptions, you may find yourself approaching your web design in a purpose-driven way.

3 Misconceptions About Your Web Design - Brand It, Build It Podcast by With Grace and Gold - 1

3 Misconceptions About Your Web Design

Before we dive in, I want to take a moment to share about our newest offering at With Grace and Gold: Our Semi-Custom Brand Design Experience. A semi-custom brand is a pre-made brand, created by With Grace and Gold — and then customized to align with your unique business, vision, and goals. On Friday, March 26, we’ll debut 6 brands for you to choose from. You’ll choose your brand, share your preferences with us, journey through a refinement process, and then receive your freshly-customized brand. From beginning to end, our Semi-Custom Brand Design Experience will be a 1-week design process, which means you can come away with a beautiful new brand: a primary logo design, secondary logo design, tagline design, icon design, pattern design, color palette, font selection, and brand manual in just one week! Visit https://withgraceandgold.com/brand to be the first to know when our Semi-Custom Brands arrive. That’s https://withgraceandgold.com/brand!

Now, let’s dive in and explore 3 misconceptions about your web design.

  1. Misconception 1: I find my business near the top of my Google search results when I search — so my ranking is high and my Search Engine Optimization or SEO is strong.
    Truth: The truth is, Google knows our location as well as the websites we’ve visited in the past and the websites we visit frequently. In other words, the Google results we see are a reflection of our own past Google searches and our own personal past website visits — even if we’re using an Incognito browser. What matters most is what other Google users are experiencing — what other Google users are typing in and searching for to come upon your website, or what other Google users who are strangers to your business are experiencing or seeing as their Google search results. There are a variety of resources available online to help you check your Google rank — but one of our favorite ways to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of our website is to use Google Analytics. By connecting Google Analytics to your website, you can see a wide variety of data — including where your visitors are coming from: whether they arrive from an organic search, from directly typing in your URL or web address, from social media, or elsewhere. In addition, you can see which pages your visitors engage with most, how long they spend exploring your website, and much more. The details within Google Analytics are worth exploring on a regular basis, so you can monitor your website’s visits and make updates to your website accordingly!
  2. Misconception 2: The more details I provide about my services, and the larger my portfolio — the better.
    Truth: While the amount of detail you provide on your website can be a matter of personal preference, we believe in the power of curating the details you provide on your website. We believe every web design should have a goal — a call-to-action for each page of your web design. For many service-based businesses, the goal of your web design may be to have your prospective clients reach out and connect with you — to schedule a consultation or call to learn more about your services and process. If you provide too much detail about your services, your Services page may become overwhelming to your visitors. Further, if you provide too much detail about your services, visitors may talk themselves out of pursuing your services altogether. On the other hand, by curating the details you provide on your Services page, you can provide a foundation of basic information, prompting visitors to reach out to you to learn more and connect with you. Likewise, a Portfolio can also be curated. For a more elevated aesthetic, we recommend curating the galleries within your Portfolio. That way, you can showcase your best work, your favorite work, or the type of work you’d like to do more of — helping visitors more seamlessly understand and connect with your style, aesthetic, and approach. When it comes to your web design, less can truly be more. 
  3. Misconception 3: My web design should be about me.
    Truth: The truth is, your web design should be rooted in purpose. For many small businesses, the purpose of a web design is to serve your audience, educate your audience, and lead your audience toward the products and services aligned with their needs. When we approach the web design process, we think about your web design as a way to speak to your audience — to help your audience connect with you and confidently connect with you or book with you. From creating an engaging design to ensuring your copywriting is speaking to your audience, many small details come together to ensure your web design is rooted in purpose and designed for your strategic growth. Although your web design showcases all you have to offer through your business, the real purpose of your web design is to serve your audience and to grow your business — which means your focus may need to change as you approach your web design as a whole. We always share with our clients: your design will likely be a reflection of what you love, what your audience will be drawn to and connect with, and what is appropriate for your field. This may mean your recommended web design — your most effective, results-driven web design — will differ from what you had envisioned. In the end, though, having a purpose-driven web design can make all the difference for your small business success.

Today, we explored 3 misconceptions about your web design — and we hope exploring these 3 unique misconceptions helps you to approach your web design in a fresh, new way.

Since 2014, With Grace and Gold has provided brand and web design for creative small business owners. Hire With Grace and Gold or shop With Grace and Gold’s pre-made designs and Showit website templates – and come away with an elevated brand and web design for your small business!

March 1, 2021


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