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What Your Brand Designer Wants You to Know

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What Your Brand Designer Wants You to Know

At With Grace and Gold, we feel so honored to serve creative women in business through brand design

While brand design is part of our everyday work, we understand how new and unfamiliar brand design is for our prospective clients and current clients. 

Today, we wanted to share three “things” your brand designer wants you to know about your business, your brand, and the process of creating a brand for you. 

While we can’t speak for every brand designer, we can speak from our years of brand design experience. Here are three things we want you to know!

  1. You can be successful by celebrating your uniqueness. As designers, there is nothing we love more than having our clients’ trust in our education, expertise, and experience. While we know our clients will be inspired by designs they’ve seen before, we wholeheartedly believe our clients can be successful by celebrating their own uniqueness. When our clients trust us wholeheartedly, we are able to create a brand aligned with their unique goals and vision — a brand that may turn out even more beautiful and purposeful than they had hoped!
  2. Your trust in us matters more than you know. Speaking of trust, your trust in our expertise matters more than you may know. When we begin serving a new client, we love the feeling of starting the design process from a blank page. We gather your Brand Discovery Questionnaire to learn about your vision and goals, and we can’t wait to begin creating a design to help you connect with your Ideal Client in a meaningful way. When you send along a brand design you love, or when you send along a font style you’d like used — we feel less trusted, and our creative freedom diminishes.
  3. Your brand design matters, but what matters even more is how your brand is used. Sometimes, new brand design clients feel overwhelmed when they see their brand design. Where will all of the personal features come in? When will the brand feel more engaging or exciting? The truth is, your brand design is only a piece of the equation. While brand design lays an important foundation for your business, we believe web design and stationery design truly bring every detail together. (This is why our Diamond Experience is our most popular!) Through web design, we can create an engaging, detailed experience for you and for your audience. It takes a little bit of patience and trust, but it is always a joy and honor to see how everything comes together in the end!

So, why are we sharing this with you today? 

First, we hope you’ll feel confidence in what you’re doing as a small business owner. Your uniqueness matters, and a designer’s greatest joy is capturing your uniqueness through intentional design.

Next, we hope you’ll feel trust in the professional designer you hire to serve you through brand design. Without trust, a finished brand can seem pieced together, less creative, or even mismatched. With trust, a finished brand can be intentional and fulfill its purpose. 

And finally, we hope you’ll feel encouraged to use your brand effectively throughout all your business’s touchpoints: from your website to your social media marketing, your third-party apps and elsewhere. Your brand is strengthened when it’s used properly and thoroughly.

What questions do you have about brand design? Visit us on Instagram @withgraceandgold or write to us at withgraceandgold.com/contact.

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