When Should You Hire a Web Designer? Tips for Hiring a Web Designer to Serve Your Business

Hiring a web designer is a big deal. It’s an investment of your time, your money — and your trust. Should you hire a web designer? And if so, when should you  hire a web designer to serve you and your business? Today, we’re sharing 3 circumstances to consider — if hiring a web designer has been on your to-do list!

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When should you hire a web designer?

  • When you’re not booking your Ideal Client. When we ask our prospective Clients why they are seeking a new web design, most often, they let us know they haven’t been booking their Ideal Client. They’ve been booking clients — sometimes consistently, sometimes inconsistently — but they’re hoping to book more of their Ideal Client. For many of us, the reason we start a small business is: we want to do the work we love to do, for the people we love to work with — people who will trust our expertise, people who will value our work, people who will love what we produce just as much as we do. So, if you’re not booking your Ideal Client, it may be time for you to consider hiring a web designer!
  • When your personality isn’t shining through. In a sea of small business owners — photographers, designers, event planners — our brand and web design can set us apart. Our brand and web design can showcase our personality, our style, our approach to the work we do. That way, when our prospective Clients are comparing our business to another business, they have an opportunity to form a meaningful and lasting connection to our business. If your personality isn’t quite shining through your web design — and you’d love to hear “I love guacamole, too!” (Or something fun!) from your prospective Clients — hiring a web designer is for you!
  • When you’d like to bring your business to a new level. If there’s one thing we firmly believe at With Grace and Gold it is: every business has its own seasons. All businesses have an opportunity to experience seasons of learning and growth, and all businesses have an opportunity to experience seasons of success, too! As you leave your ‘learning and growing’ season, you may wish to bring your business to a new level. If you’re nodding, because you’re ready to elevate your online presence — it’s time to hire a web designer!


In the end, hiring a web designer can create a major difference in your business journey. By working with a designer, you can come away with a design you love and feel connected to. As a result, your Ideal Client is more likely to connect with you, too!

P.S. Hiring a web designer isn’t for everyone. As business owners, we love having ownership over our daily responsibilities. For this reason, purchasing a website template you can customize independently may be a perfect alternative! We are so excited to debut our Template Collection on Friday, March 24, 2017! Enter below to receive more information — and to enter to win a Template from our Collection!

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