3 Unexpected Reasons to Invest in Your Website Design Reasons to Invest in Website Design for Your Small Business

Here at With Grace and Gold, we can’t say enough about the power of purposeful Website Design. After all, over the years, we have seen, first-hand, how purposeful Website Design can serve small businesses in major ways. Today, we’re excited to share 3 unexpected reasons you should invest in a professional Website Design for your small business.

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3 Unexpected Reasons to Invest in Your Website Design

  1. Our Website speaks for our business when we’re not available to… so what is it saying? Often times, small business owners think of Website Design as a supplemental tool for advertising their business. However, we encourage small business owners to think of Website Design as their storefront — as if they were a brick and mortar business. When prospective Clients come across your business, are they seeing beautiful, intentional details — or are they seeing the bare minimum? Are they seeing your personality and your approach to the services or products you offer, or are they simply seeing services or products? Whatever the case may be, your business will shift when you think of your Website Design as a meaningful, impactful component of your business. When we’re not available to sell our business — our Website does the talking! We have to be sure what our Website is saying what we’d like it to.
  2. Our Ideal Client could be passing us by… and we may never know why! As mentioned above, your Website can be a place to share your expertise, your experience, and your approach to the services or products you offer. It can also be a place to showcase your personality and help to ensure you are connecting with your Ideal Client in a meaningful and lasting way. Although prospective Clients may choose (or not choose) to work with us, what we can do is ensure that our personality and our approach is infused in our Website Design, to ensure that our Ideal Client has something to connect with.
  3. There is only one youAnd you deserve to have a Website Design that reflects your unique personality, style, and approach. In a large community of fellow small business owners, use your Website as an opportunity to showcase your uniqueness. After all, we are firm believers in celebrating your unique story and journey. When your products and services are similar to other businesses, it’s your personality, your style, and your unique story that will set you apart!


All of the above may seem a bit overwhelming — but luckily — ensuring your Website says what you’d like it to, helping your Ideal Client to connect with you, and celebrating your unique story… that’s our expertise! Whether through our Custom Design Services or our Template Collection, we offer professional, purposeful Website Design to help you to accomplish all of the above!

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