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Episode 096: 5 Website Updates for Launching a New Offering

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January 17, 2022

No matter where you are in your small business journey, it’s likely that today, your small business looks different from the day your business began. It’s natural for small businesses to grow and evolve — whether that means refining your audience and paring down your services, or adding new layers and facets to your business. If you’re launching a new offering — adding a new service or product to your business — there are essential website updates to make… ways that you can equip your audience to get to know your new offering, and ways that you can uplift a new area of your business seamlessly and successfully. Today, we’re sharing 5 key website updates to make when you launch a new offering.

5 Website Updates for Launching a New Offering - Brand It, Build It Podcast by With Grace and Gold

5 Website Updates for Launching a New Offering

Welcome to Episode 096 of The Brand It, Build It Podcast. When you add a new offering to your business — a new service or a new product — there are many factors to consider. In Episode 11 of our podcast — Your Passive Income Action Plan — we share foundational ways to ensure any new service or product you add to your business is done so with a purpose and with a plan. 

If we look back on our own small business, for example, we can recall several ways we’ve added, removed, or refined our offerings to provide more clarity and to serve our prospective clients or customers better. When With Grace and Gold first began in 2014, we offered brand and web design, just like we do today — but we also sold art prints and cards. We quickly realized, though we were excited about our art prints and cards, offering these products didn’t exactly align with With Grace and Gold as a whole. To find more clarity in our business and to serve our prospective clients better and more clearly, we removed our art prints and cards from our offerings. 

Maybe your business has been on a similar path — where, over the years, you’ve added, removed, and refined your offerings to reach a place of clarity and purpose in your business. So, whether you’ll be adding a new offering soon, or you plan to in the year ahead, we’re hopeful our recommendations will lay the groundwork for a smooth season in your business. 

As a small note, before making any website updates, it’s important to determine the role you’d like your new offering to play within your business. In Episode 089: Web Design for Multifaceted Businesses, we discuss how determining the level to which you’d like to showcase each offering within your business can make a difference in how you approach your web design. With that in mind, here are 5 website updates to make when you launch a new offering:

  1. Your Services page, your navigation menu — or both. To create a user-friendly experience, we recommend determining whether your new offering can be added to an existing page within your website. For example, if you have a service-based business and your new offering is another complementary service, you can consider updating your Services page with your new service details. That way, your visitors can click on your Services page and seamlessly review all of the services your business has to offer. Conversely, if your new offering isn’t a complementary service and feels separate from your current offerings, you may consider creating an all-new page for your offering. Doing so can provide clarity for your visitors, and can also boost Search Engine Optimization, too. If you choose to add a new page to your website, you’ll want to be sure to update your navigation menu, too. This can include your Desktop menu and your Mobile menu.
  2. Your Home page. Your Home page is a place for showcasing each area of your business in an introductory way — seamlessly leading and guiding your visitors toward the revenue-generating areas of your business. Create space to showcase your new offering in a user-friendly way. Showcase a featured photo, compose a heading and paragraph, and create a button or link so visitors can learn more.
  3. Your calls-to-action. Determine whether your calls-to-action need to change. Each page of your website should include a call-to-action so your visitors will know what to do next — what their next step in pursuing your business should be. Review your calls-to-action to ensure they are still clear and user-friendly, even with your new offering in mind. As mentioned, it’s important to determine the level to which you’d like to showcase each offering within your business, because doing so helps to determine how much should be updated, and what should be updated.
  4. Your blog page. If you use your blog for marketing purposes, or you’ve pinned blog post graphics on Pinterest (Something we share about in Episode 090) it’s likely you receive a great deal of website traffic from Pinterest or from your blog posts as a whole. In addition to writing blog posts about your offerings, your blog design is also a great place to create calls-to-action for your visitors. That way, should a visitor come upon your business through your blog, they’ll be more quickly and easily led to your offerings. Consider creating a call-to-action at the end of every blog post so readers will know how to further engage with your business.
  5. Your footer. Lastly, ensure there is a link to your new offering within your footer. This could be an addition to your footer’s navigation menu, or the addition of a call-to-action within your footer. When your visitors reach the bottom of each page of your website, it’s important to share what can be explored next.

Today, we discussed 5 key website updates you can make when adding a new offering to your business. For extra guidance, we recommend listening to Episode 11: Your Passive Income Action Plan. Together, these actionable episodes can equip you to confidently add new layers to your business!

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