How a 404 Page Can Serve Your Business Getting creative with your 404 page design

A 404 page — an error page you and your visitors come upon when they’ve reached a broken link or page of your website or blog that no longer exists — is often looked down upon. Think back to the last time you reached a 404 page; maybe you were frustrated and left the website you were on, or maybe you thought poorly of the quality of the business.

Whether it sounds conventional, for us, 404 pages have sometimes been necessary. For example, as your business grows and changes, your offerings grow and change, and it makes sense that the pages or posts that once served your business were no longer needed. For us, 404 pages are almost a means to an end!

So, how can a 404 page actually help your business, rather than turn away or turn off your visitors? Today, we’re sharing how a 404 page can serve your business!

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How a 404 Page Can Serve Your Business

  1. A 404 page can be on-brand. First and foremost, your 404 page doesn’t have to be off-brand or off-putting like your everyday, run-of-the-mill error page. Your 404 page can — and should — be designed with your brand in mind. That way, visitors will know they’re in the right place, because the page — though an error page — aligns with your brand!
  2. A 404 page can direct visitors where you’d like them to go. A 404 page doesn’t have to simply say “Error: Page Not Found.” A 404 page can, instead, direct your visitors where you’d like them to go. For example, you could include a navigation menu, or a single button, that directs your visitors to key places or a key place in your website.
  3. A 404 page can highlight your most important information. Conversely, a 404 page could be used to highlight your website’s most relevant information. Maybe you have a product you’re focused on trying to sell, or maybe you have an upcoming webinar you’re hosting. Whatever that may be, your 404 page can highlight it and point visitors its way!
  4. A 404 page can be updated regularly. Finally, your 404 page can be updated regularly to reflect the changing priorities of your business.


To update your 404 page in Showit:

  1. Under Blog Templates, create a new page — either by duplicating an existing page, or creating a new page from scratch.
  2. In the top right corner, under Template Info > WordPress Template, choose 404. (This will assign this page to be your 404 page!)
  3. Customize the page as you’d like to!


Here’s a peek at our 404 page! Our goal was to showcase our user-friendly navigation menu and help bring visitors to the information they may have been searching for in the first place!

Creative 404 Page Design by With Grace and Gold - Logo Design and Web Design for Creative Women in Business

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