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Episode 138: 5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Black Friday Offer

November 21, 2022

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If you’re a small business owner, chances are, you’ve prepared or are currently preparing for Black Friday. For many small businesses, a sale — a percentage discount or dollar amount discount — is a great Black Friday offer. But in a sea of offers, what are some ways you can spruce up your sale or help your offer to stand out? This week, we’re sharing 5 creative ways to spruce up your Black Friday offer!

5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Black Friday Offer

Black Friday is just around the corner, and you’re likely putting the finishing touches on your Black Friday offer. At With Grace and Gold, we’re currently offering 50% off all Showit website templates through December 31st — and we’re still putting the finishing touches on all of our marketing graphics and newsletters. 

So, as you put the finishing touches on your Black Friday offer, maybe you’re wondering what else can be done to spruce up your Black Friday deal! This week, we’re sharing 5 creative ways to do so.

  1. First, consider a free add-on product of some kind. Maybe there’s a related — or unrelated — product you can add on to a customer’s purchase for free. If you’re selling some type of educational guide, maybe there is supplemental education you can offer. If you’re selling a product, maybe there is a smaller supplemental product you can offer. Giving a free add-on can incentivize a purchase, especially if the add-on is only available or exclusively available during your Black Friday sale. 
  2. Consider offering a one-on-one meeting, consulting, or audit. Maybe there’s a way you can personally serve your customers. In 2020, Andra and I offered web design audits to customers who purchased a Showit website template from With Grace and Gold. By doing so, we could provide an added layer of support to our customers and share our expertise as they completed their template customization process. Perhaps there is a way you can personally serve and engage with your customers, too!
  3. Consider offering access to a membership community. Maybe you can create a membership community or Facebook community exclusively for your Black Friday customers. Perhaps they can be part of the same cohort for an educational experience of some kind. 
  4. Offer a payment plan or longer payment plan than usual. If you don’t currently offer payment plans, perhaps you can offer a payment plan for a specific offering. Or, if you do currently offer a payment plan, perhaps you can offer a longer payment plan than usual. Payment plans are often a helpful way to make products or services more accessible. 
  5. Consider holding a giveaway in tandem with your sale. Perhaps your customers’ purchase enters them into a giveaway. Maybe you can giveaway a related product or service, or a bundle of products from other small businesses. When a customer’s purchase enters them into your giveaway, you’re creating another fun incentive for a customer to make a purchase during your Black Friday sale.  

We are so hopeful these creative options help you to elevate your Black Friday offer with purpose! Thank you for tuning in, and have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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