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Try These 3 Tricks for an Elevated Website Web Design - With Grace and Gold - Brand It Build It Podcast - Best Marketing Podcast for Creative Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs -2

Try These 3 Tricks for an Elevated Website

What does it mean to have an elevated web design, working on behalf of your small business? We think of your web design as the visual foundation for your small business — a resource you can design to serve, educate, and guide your visitors toward the products or services they are in need of. 

It’s likely your small business is one of many in your field — which, at first, can feel overwhelming. But if your web design is rooted in purpose and connection, your online presence can help you to seamlessly connect with your visitors and grow your business. With so many small businesses your audience could choose from, it’s essential for your web design to truly work on behalf of your business.

That’s why, today, we want to share 3 tricks for creating an elevated web design. While every business and every web design is unique, there are a few go-to approaches we take when creating an elevated, purpose-driven, and conversion-focused web design.

Try These 3 Tricks for an Elevated Website Web Design - With Grace and Gold - Brand It Build It Podcast - Best Marketing Podcast for Creative Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs -1

Try These 3 Tricks for an Elevated Website

An elevated web design should feel polished and cohesive. It should be purpose-driven, goal-oriented, and conversion-focused — focused on leading your visitors toward becoming paying customers or paying clients. When creating elevated web designs for our clients, we aim to ensure their web design is a creative, engaging space their visitors can truly connect with and remember.  So, here are 3 go-to approaches we take when creating an elevated web design — 3 tricks you can use within your web design, too!

  1. Embrace white space. White space refers to the negative space — the blank space above, below, left, right, or between specific sections or content areas. White space allows the content within your web design to be experienced in an engaging, clutter-free way. One common error we see in web design is making elements large, simply because you’d like your visitors to focus on them. But it’s important for there to be diversity in sizing and in spacing so your visitors can explore your content in a user-friendly way. For example, rather than making all of your copywriting large so visitors are sure to read through all you share, consider using hierarchy — a clear heading, subheading, paragraph, and call-to-action — so your visitors can peruse your content with purpose. As another example, rather than making your website’s social media icons or buttons large, consider adding more space above and below so your social media icons or buttons will stand out in a more polished and elevate way. White space can make all the difference in how visitors engage with your content. So, for a stress-free, calming, and welcoming user experience, we recommend embracing white space.
  2. Pare down copywriting. When it comes to creating an elevated web design, less can truly be more. Every small business is unique, but we’ve discovered that paring down copywriting — truly being selective about the copywriting included within your web design — can create a more curated, elevated feel. You might be thinking, “What about all of the details about my services and process?” We recommend creating a private or hidden pricing guide to send along to prospective clients who contact you or email you to learn more. That way, you can provide a foundation of information within your web design — and share more specific and expanded details within your private pricing guide. Doing so will decrease any overwhelm visitors may experience when learning about your offerings — and will  also allow you to create a really strong first impression when you share your private pricing guide. So, play around with paring down your copywriting, and see what you discover! 
  3. Create connection-driven headings. When we think about how we, ourselves, engage with a website, we know it’s common to quickly skim the website’s content and click from one page to another. For this reason, creating connection-driven headings — perhaps even working with a copywriter to create really purposeful copywriting — can ensure your message is being communicated, your voice is being heard, and your web design is rooted in building connections with your visitors. Those headings can be about meeting the needs your audience has, about the elevated client experience you provide, or about what your visitors can expect should they choose to book your services or purchase your products. Connection-driven headings can keep visitors engaged with your content and excited to learn more about your business and your offerings. 

We hope these 3 actionable tips help you to polish and elevate your web design. For more information about web design at With Grace and Gold, please visit!

August 23, 2021


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