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Episode 052: The Best Time to Rebrand Your Business

February 8, 2021

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When you’re a small business owner, having a well-designed, purpose-driven brand to serve your business can make all the difference. If you think about it: If you’ve ever hired a fellow small business owner… maybe a photographer, a copywriter, or a social media manager… chances are, their brand or their web design played a role in your decision to book, or to continue shopping around instead.  If you’ve ever come upon a brand or web design you were “wowed” by and connected with — maybe, right then, you decided to confidently book. So, both as consumers and as business owners, we all know or have experienced first-hand how powerful a well-designed brand can be.

One common question we receive at With Grace and Gold is: When is the best time for me to pursue rebrand my business? We’re firm believers that your brand should always be working on behalf of your business — helping you to showcase your expertise and helping you to more seamlessly connect with and book your prospective clients. Today, we want to share 5 ways to know you’re ready to rebrand your small business!

The Best Time to Rebrand Your Business

At With Grace and Gold, we like to think of your brand as visual elements that lead to a response from your audience — visual elements that help your prospective clients to feel connected with you and to confidently book with you. It’s the way your primary logo design, secondary logo designs, patterns, color palette, and font styles all work together to communicate and work on behalf of your small business. 

Beyond simply being a design, your brand helps you to lay the visual foundation for your business so you can more readily achieve your short-term and long-term business goals. 

So, when is the best time to rebrand your business — and how can you make the most of investing in a new brand for your business? After all, your brand is an investment that should not only effectively serve your business, but it should also last. Here are 5 ways to know you’re ready to rebrand:

  1. Your current brand isn’t accurately communicating your value and expertise — or helping you to seamlessly connect with and book your prospective clients. Whether you are a brand new business owner, or a seasoned business owner, your brand needs to work on behalf of your small business. When you see your brand or explore your web design, every detail should feel aligned with your value and expertise. Your online presence should help you more seamlessly connect with and book your prospective clients
  2. You’re ready to do what will work best for you and your business — and avoid pursuing a brand already working well for another business. As we prepare for their brand design process with our clients, we ask our clients to complete a questionnaire — sharing about their business, vision, goals, and preferences. We ask our clients to share the details they already know about their business — the details and decisions at the core of their unique, one-of-a-kind business. We know, by gathering those details, we can be equipped to create a one-of-a-kind design. We want our clients to know their business will be strengthened, from the inside out, when they have a brand uniquely and purposefully rooted in their uniqueness — to have the confidence we can create something even more beneficial for their business than the designs they’ve seen created before. After all, your brand design should elevate your small business, so why not ensure your one-of-a-kind brand design enhances your business in a one-of-a-kind way?
  3. You know what you value as a business owner — and what type of experience you want to provide to your clients. We believe your brand and web design should be rooted in connection — forming a meaningful and memorable connection with your prospective clients, and seamlessly guiding your prospective clients toward confidently choosing to work with you. To do so, your values and client experience need to shine through and be showcased through your brand and through your web design. When you know what you value — what you believe in as a small business — you can build the foundation for a purpose-driven brand. Which leads to our next point…
  4. You know your new brand should serve as a strong foundation from which your business can continue to grow and evolve. We believe your brand should last — and serve as a visual foundation for your business, even as your business grows and evolves. When creating brand designs for our clients, we ask our clients to share about the various facets of their business — whether they’re already in existence, or whether they plan to create those new facets in the years ahead. When your brand is created with purpose, it can serve your business even as you add, remove, or change your offerings — even as you add new layers to your business.
  5. You’re ready to be trusting of the professional designer you hire — and the purpose behind the brand design they’ve created for you. We believe — to make the most of your investment — the professional designer you hire should bring strategy and purpose to your brand design. Creating a logo design is one thing, but creating a well-rounded brand rooted in purpose is another. It’s about more than having a logo design you like — but about having a visual foundation working for your business and serving as a visual launch pad for your long-term success.

Since 2014, With Grace and Gold has provided brand and web design for creative small business owners. Hire With Grace and Gold or shop With Grace and Gold’s pre-made designs and Showit website templates – and come away with an elevated brand and web design for your small business!

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