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3 Ways You’re in Your Own Way

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When you’re a small business owner, nearly every idea you have for your business comes from you — something you’ve experienced, seen, or heard that inspired you to start your business, to try something new in your business, or to add a new layer to your business.

Creativity is at the heart of small business ownership, but because we serve as the founders, owners, operators, creative directors, and social media marketers of our own businesses — our voice may be the only voice we hear and listen to on a daily basis. Without an advisor, a business partner, or a sounding board, we tend to follow own voices — taking our own suggestions, and wholeheartedly pursuing our own ideas — perhaps without considering there may be a better way forward.

Today, we want to share a few ways you’re in your own way… 3 areas of your business where you might actually be blocking your own path to success, along with 3 ways to get out of your own way. 

3 Ways You’re in Your Own Way

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So, today, we’re going to explore 3 ways you could be in your own way, and 3 ways to get out of your own way — so you can develop healthy decision-making habits in your business and ensure more of your decisions are decided upon with strategy.

Number 1: You could be in your own way if… you’re holding onto your existing brand and web design simply because you love your brand and web design. At WIth Grace and Gold, brand and web design are at the heart of what we do — not only because we love design but also because we know how powerful and business-altering design can be… how having a polished, elevated brand and web design can actually work for you, even when you’re not working. These days, your brand and web design are the foundation of your business — the first impression you communicate to prospective clients. When you strengthen your brand and web design, you truly strengthen your entire business. You could be in your own way if your brand and web design aren’t connecting with your audience, showcasing your level of expertise, or helping you book your Ideal Client consistently and regularly. 

Number 2: You could be in your own way if… you’ve added a layer to your business — like a new product or service — simply because you wanted to offer a new product or service. In Episode 11, Your Passive Income Action Plan, we shared our step-by-step approach for adding new layers — new products or services — to your business. The most essential step in adding a new layer to your business is getting to know your Ideal Client or target customer to ensure what you’re creating — what you’re dedicating your time, energy, and efforts to — is not only something your Ideal Client wants, but is also something your Ideal Client is willing to pay for. You could be in your own way if you’re offering certain products and services simply for the sake of offering them — if you’re overlooking your Ideal Clients’ needs and forging ahead in your business anyway.

Number 3: You could be in your own way if… you’re not looking at your business from the perspective of your Ideal Client. While being a small business owner means being creative in our own, one-of-a-kind ways — to be successful, each decision we make as small business owners has to be rooted in purpose and strategy — every decision should speak to our Ideal Client, and lead them on a journey from where they are today to where they can be by working with us. You could be in your own way if you’re leaning on your own understanding of your business and overlooking what it’s like for prospective clients to see your brand, web design, or social media marketing — or what it’s like for current clients to purchase one of your products or journey through your process. Our prospective clients’ and clients’ experiences are so valuable — they help us to learn, grow, and succeed in new ways. You could be in your own way if you are creating a business surrounding what you see, rather than what your Ideal Client experiences and needs. 

Now that we’ve identified 3 common roadblocks — 3 ways we, as business owners could be standing in our own way — how do we get out of the way? Stay tuned.

Before the break, we identified 3 ways we, as business owners, could be in our own way. Now, how do we get out of the way? Here are 3 steps:

  1. Find community. Maybe you can hire a business owner you look up to for 1-on-1 coaching or business consulting. Maybe you can enroll in an online course. Maybe you can join a mastermind group. Finding community and creating discussion about your business can help you to reframe the way you look at your business and see your strengths and areas of improvement in a way you otherwise might not have.
  2. Remember, to experience a success unlike anything before, I have to be willing to try something like never before. Doing what you’ve been doing will get you what you’ve always gotten. We always encourage our clients at With Grace and Gold to be willing to come away with a brand and web design even better than what they had originally envisioned. Being a successful small business owner sometimes requires us to step outside of our own expectations, to trust experts, and to try something new — or unlike anything we’ve done before. Whether you try a new social media strategy, or you finally pursue a new brand and web design, change can be a good thing. Change can move you closer to having the small business you’ve always imagined. 
  3. Listen to your past clients, current clients, and prospective clients. There is so much valuable feedback waiting to be shared and waiting to be applied to your business. Clients’ feedback can help shape or reshape your process. Clients’ wants and needs can help to direct the layers of products and services you add to your business. Design your business with wholehearted service at its core, and when you do, you’ll connect with your prospective clients in an entirely new way.

We are so hopeful today’s episode encouraged you — AND equipped you to try something new in your business. Every decision can bring you one step closer to running the business you’ve dreamed of — sometimes, it’s just a matter of getting out of your own way!

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