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Brand It, Build It Podcast

Reasons Small Businesses Should Use Showit - Brand It Build It Podcast by With Grace and Gold

Episode 177: 5 Reasons Small Businesses Should Use Showit

Brand It, Build It Podcast


Episode 176: Considerations for Hiring a Website Copywriter

Brand It, Build It Podcast


Episode 175: 5 Tips for Better Time Management

Brand It, Build It Podcast

Whether you’ve designed your own web design, or you’ve hired a professional designer, chances are, you’d like to receive and gather feedback from trusted friends, family members, or fellow creatives regarding your new web design. However, as professional web designers, we feel so passionately about asking the right people for feedback about your web design. […]

Episode 174: Who to Ask for Feedback About Your Web Design

August 14, 2023


Episode 173: Instantly Elevate Your Web Design

Brand It, Build It Podcast


Episode 172: 5 Ways to Make Business Ownership Easier

Brand It, Build It Podcast


Episode 171: How to Elevate Your Website’s Color Palette

Brand It, Build It Podcast

If you’ve ever created your brand design – or hired a professional designer to create your brand design – it’s likely you’ve heard of color psychology. But what is color psychology, and how does it play a role in your unique business and brand? According to Hubspot, “Color psychology is research about how color influences […]

Episode 170: Psychology of Color in Brand Design

July 17, 2023

Psychology of Color - Brand It, Build It Podcast - With Grace and Gold

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