An light, airy, romantic, and luxurious Showit website template and blog for creative small business owners eager to showcase their artistry, creativity, and warmth in a personal, inviting way. With Caroline Grace, welcome your preferred clients in with beauty and purpose. 

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With Grace and Gold is a Showit Design Partner and Showit Designer of the Year.


Boost your Search Engine Optimization with Showit's built-in SEO resources.


Your Showit website connects with a WordPress blog for powerful, SEO-ready blogging.

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Your Showit website is equipped with a mobile design as detailed as your desktop design.

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Your Showit website will look beautiful and be user-friendly on every type of device.

Responsive Web Design

Our elevated, growth-driven Showit website templates are 10x more affordable than custom web design.


Customize your template in every way — oftentimes with just a double-click!


Every design element can be added, removed, changed, or rearranged. (Truly!)

Drag-and-Drop Design

Begin using and customizing your new Showit website template immediately upon checkout.

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Features of Showit

Showit is compatible with a wide variety of third-party apps and systems. Here in our Small Business Resource Library, discover a collection of the resources we recommend for small business success.

What additional features can I use with Showit?

Yes! Showit is compatible with a variety of eCommerce systems, all of which are showcased — accompanied by step-by-step directions — here. We recommend Shopify Buy Button, which equips you to use Shopify's powerful eCommerce features and embed your products within your Showit website.

Can I sell products on my Showit website?

Yes! Please explore With Grace and Gold's Template Customization Experience — a personal, engaging, and fun design process through which your chosen Showit website template will be expertly customized to align with your business, vision, and goals.

Can With Grace and Gold customize my chosen Showit template?

Most customizations are made with just a double-click! Double-click to update any photo, gallery, or copywriting. Showit's Help Center serves as a truly helpful resource for learning about Showit and seamlessly customizing your Showit website template.

How are Showit Template customizations made?

Every detail of your Showit website template is completely customizable in every possible way — and most customizations are made with just a double-click! Add your brand elements, customize your color palette and font styles, and freely add, remove, change, or rearrange every design element.

How much can I customize my chosen Showit Template?

Moving from your current website platform to Showit is a breeze, because Showit manages the process and provides personal assistance as you do so. Here, discover a helpful article from Showit, which shares what you can expect from moving from your current website platform to Showit. 

How do I move from my current website platform to Showit?

Showit offers a variety of monthly or yearly subscription options, which truly depend upon your unique approach to blog content creation. A Showit subscription is needed to use and maintain any Showit website template. Your Showit subscription is separate from the one-time cost of your Showit website template at With Grace and Gold.

How much does Showit cost?

Not to worry! Every detail of your Showit website template is completely customizable in every possible way. With just a few clicks, a light and airy Showit website template can become an emotive design — and vice versa. Every detail is completely customizable and can align with your business and brand. Our comprehensive guide, How to Choose a Showit Website Template, will equip you to confidently choose your Showit website template. 

What if my brand or style differs from the template?

Here, we have created a guide to seamlessly, confidently choosing the best Showit website template for your business. Our comprehensive guide, How to Choose a Showit Website Template, will equip you to confidently choose your Showit website template. 

Which Showit template is best for my type of business?

With Grace and Gold's Showit website templates are best for small businesses and small business owners who value a do-it-yourself approach to web design — or who simply prefer to customize their chosen web design rather than pursue a one-of-a-kind custom web design

Who are Showit website templates best for?

Showit is a leading web design platform for small business owners of all kinds. Showit website templates by With Grace and Gold — Showit Designer of the Year and Showit Design Partner — are completely-customizable templates for business owners who prefer do-it-yourself web design.

What is Showit?

Whether you are new to Showit, or you simply have questions about what sets With Grace and Gold's Showit website templates apart, below, discover a curated collection of commonly-asked questions to equip you for success.

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