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Since 2014, With Grace and Gold® has provided award-winning brand and web design for more than 400 diverse creative business owners from all over the world.

A comprehensive, step-by-step guide to creating a successful design business from the inside out.

The exact strategy we used to create With Grace and Gold® — and the exact approach we take to running With Grace and Gold®.

An all-online format with videos and step-by-step exercises to guide you through each day's lesson.

A 12-day online workshop, created exclusively for brand, web, or stationery design business owners.

The With Grace and Gold® Workshop is a one-of-a-kind, online business education workshop for designers — a complete blueprint for brand, stationery, web, or freelance designers who want to experience successful design business ownership.

The With Grace and Gold  Workshop is a 12-day online workshop experience.


A new season in your business journey starts here

Amazing! I am so in!

Jacqueline Asbell

"After attending, I felt much more confident about how to best begin moving my business forward. I finally feel like I have the tools to build my business on a solid foundation."


The With Grace and Gold  Workshop is an all-in-one 
must-have educational experience for designers.

I want to be part of it!

Expertly-written lessons to complete.


With Grace and Gold® Workshop alumni.


Engaging weeks of expertly-designed curriculum.


Business-changing online workshop experience.


The With Grace and Gold® Workshop was created.



The With Grace and Gold® Workshop is a one-of-a-kind, online business education workshop for designers — a complete blueprint for designers who want to experience successful design business ownership — hosted by With Grace and Gold®.


The With Grace and Gold® Workshop is a self-paced online workshop for brand, stationery, web, or freelance designers who are ready to experience long-term business success. Created for both beginner and experienced designers, the Workshop is for any designer ready to create a well-designed business.


The With Grace and Gold Workshop is an online workshop created by With Grace and Gold®. We know design business ownership can be challenging, so we've created an all-in-one workshop to share the exact path we followed to create a multiple-six-figure design business. The Workshop is designed to help brand, stationery, web, or freelance designers experience long-term business success. 


The With Grace and Gold® Workshop contains 12 days of expertly-designed lessons and can be completed at any pace you'd like. The Workshop is designed for you to learn and apply one lesson per day, though you can work through the content at any pace you prefer.

AN ONLINE workshop For designers who want to grow.

12 days of lessons to be completed At any pace.

Brand, Stationery, Web, or Freelance Designers,

To help you create sustainable business.

Create a Business That Solves a Problem

Day 1

What problem does your design business actually solve? Work backwards to be sure you're offering products and services customers are ready to buy.

Know What to Offer + How to Price Your Offerings

Day 2

Curate an intentional selection of products and/or services, and determine how to price your offerings with strategy and sustainability in mind.

Create a Client-Connecting Brand

Day 3

Audit your current brand, and learn how to create a client-connecting brand with strategy — a brand that attracts and speaks to your Ideal Client. 

Manage and Serve Challenging Clients

day 7

Is there a gap between client expectations and the reality of your design process? Manage client expectations and serve every client with kindness.

Work ON and IN Your Business

Day 8

Learn to balance the day-to-day housekeeping within your design business. Discover how to work ON and IN your design business successfully.

Book Clients Ahead Steadily and Strategically

Day 9

Learn to reduce overwhelm by reducing your workload. Create consistency in your business by booking clients ahead, in a steady and strategic way.

Create a Client-Connecting Web Design

Day 4

Audit your current web design, and learn how to create a client-connecting web design — a web design that helps you to book your Ideal Client.

Write Compelling Website Copywriting

Day 5

Learn to write about your business, your approach, and your expertise professionally, in a way that speaks directly to the heart of your Ideal Client.

Create a Seamless Process and Manage Your Projects

Day 6

Step-by-step, create a seamless design process for each service you offer. Ensure every detail is accounted for to run your design business seamlessly.

Market Your Business on Social Media

Day 10

Market your design business with purpose and strategy in unique, effective ways, using a diverse array of social media platforms. 

Leverage Newsletter Marketing

Day 11

Learn about newsletter systems, lead magnets, opt-ins, audience segments, and purposeful newsletter marketing to grow your business.

Diversify Your Products and Services

Day 12

Add layers to your business in a purposeful, strategic way. Explore passive income and diversify your business with new products and services.

Workshop Curriculum

A 12-day online workshop for designers

Macey Miller

"Now, I have confidence in my skills as a designer AND as a small business owner. I truly believe that I can make the next step for my business — going full-time!"

*Macey went full-time just a few months later!

Your business can be seamless and successful.


No matter your level of experience, The With Grace and Gold® Workshop guides you, step-by-step, through the process of creating a well-designed, purposeful design business. Your business can be designed for your unique vision of success.

I'm ready for success!

Alexa Taylor

"You encouraged me to take true ownership of my business and simplify everything from processes to packages. I learned to meet my clients exactly where they are."

Kate George

"I learned how I can improve my process so it's easy and seamless."

Heather Douglas

"I learned so much about pricing, copywriting, processes, and more!"

Alexa Taylor

"My mindset as a business owner has shifted in the best possible way."

Heather Jones

"The workshop was just what I needed at this point in my business."

Macey Miller

"Attending was the BEST decision I've made so far in my small business journey."

Abigail Dyer

"Well worth $10K+ and the ROI from this is honestly incomprehensible!"

Sweet words from alumni.

the with grace and gold workshop® Inspired These

Why learn from Kelly and Andra of With Grace and Gold®?

Multiply our multiple-six-figure revenue year after year.

Speak at conferences and workshops across the country.

Serve over 400 diverse brand and web design clients since 2014.

Our Approach to business has allowed us to:

Earn $40,000-$70,000 per month in custom design bookings.

Produce our best work, from a place of clarity and purpose.

Serve our clients wholeheartedly, with a seamless process.

Be named Showit's "Designer of the Year."

Or... you could explore your business in a whole new way — and come away with a purposeful one-of-a-kind strategy for your one-of-a-kind business.

You could experience freedom, joy, and balance as you pursue your creative dream — because your business, brand, web design, and business strategy are finally purposefully designed. You could earn a wow-worthy salary you feel proud of — with no overwhelm.

You could learn directly from With Grace and Gold®, an award-winning design business with over 6 years of experience serving more than 400 clients through a seamless, step-by-step design process.

...or, you could experience confidence, clarity, and purpose.

You're feeling discouraged by every area of your design business. Are you offering the best products or services for your business? Are your offerings priced well? There's nothing you feel confident in or completely certain of.

You've tried doing what you've seen work for other design business owners — never truly standing out or feeling 'at home' in your own business. You're questioning everything.

You've been treading water in a sea of choices — systems, processes, software, strategies — overwhelmed by what you've heard will work well for your business. (The truth is, your one-of-a-kind business deserves a one-of-a-kind strategy and approach.)

Sure, you could continue with trial and error...

Abigail Dyer

"The workshop literally changed my business forever. The information I gained was well worth $10K+ and the ROI from this is honestly incomprehensible!"

No Longer Available

guided online


Journey through our four-week With Grace and Gold® Workshop. One lesson (video lesson, written lesson, hands-on exercise) opens daily for four weeks in this engaging, one-of-a-kind online workshop, exclusively for designers.


Weekly Workshop Curriculum
Access to Instagram Community

No Longer Available



Join Kelly and Andra of With Grace and Gold® in Minneapolis, Minnesota for a 3-day in-person With Grace and Gold® Workshop. Gather, learn, and grow among a group of dedicated designers. Travel and lodging are not included.


3-Day Workshop Curriculum
Access to Facebook Community
1 Live Group Mastermind Session

Journey through a self-paced online workshop experience. With 12 days of expertly-written content, grow your design business in a purposeful way as you explore and apply each day's expertly-written educational content. 


12-Day Workshop Curriculum
Access to Facebook Community
Option for 1-on-1 Consulting Meeting


Small Business Toolbox
Social Media Toolbox
What's Next? Checklist
$50 Gift Card for the Designer Shop




Enroll in The With Grace and Gold Workshop

Begin a Fresh, New season of PUrpose and Strategy in your design business

One Payment of $297

We're going behind-the-scenes of With Grace and Gold.


We've multiplied our multiple-six-figure revenue year after year, booking between $40,000 and $70,000 in custom design services every month — and we're sharing how! We're bringing you behind-the-scenes of With Grace and Gold® — showcasing our unique philosophy, approach, systems, and workflows for long-term success. 

I want all the secrets!

who is the workshop best for?

The workshop is best for designers in any stage of their business journey. Emerging and experienced designers can come away with revenue-multiplying lessons learned.

Why should I enroll?

We have consistently booked between $40,000 and $70,000 monthly in custom design services for the past 6 years. We're sharing how we've created a successful, sustainable business from the inside out.

What are your qualifications?

At With Grace and Gold® we offer a one-of-a-kind approach to small business ownership for designers who are ready to experience one-of-a-kind success. A summary of our expertise can be found here.

why is the workshop online?

In an overwhelming response to a poll, it was determined our workshop should be held in a completely online format. This makes the workshop accessible to all.

How long will I have access?

With your enrollment, you'll receive lifetime access to the workshop's content. You can log in anytime, day or night, this year or in the years to come, to view the workshop's content or to work through each exercise. 

do you offer payment plans?

This special rate for The With Grace and Gold® Workshop is available for a one-time payment of $297!


The With Grace and Gold® Workshop is an online workshop for brand, stationery, web, or freelance designers who are ready to build a successful, sustaining design business.

how long is the workshop?

The With Grace and Gold® Workshop is a self-paced workshop, but the content is designed to be completed over the course of 12 days. The choice is yours!

How much does it cost?

Formerly a $1299 in-person workshop and $749 guided online workshop, The With Grace and Gold® Workshop is now available for a one-time payment of only $297

Frequently Asked Questions

Your success is our priority.

Your success is our top priority.  We're proud to offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to encourage you to pursue the With Grace and Gold® Workshop with confidence and peace of mind.

Tell me more about this offer!

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