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Collective is a bold, engaging, and colorful Showit website and blog for photographers, course creators, and creative small business owners. With engaging features, large photography, and purposeful calls-to-action, you can showcase your experience and expertise with style — and boost your business in meaningful and lasting ways.

Collective was created by With Grace and Gold® — formerly named Showit's Designer of the Year.


Showit Website Template by With Grace and Gold®

Immediately following your purchase, you'll receive all of the resources for seamlessly launching your Showit website in a matter of days.

Launch in a Matter of Days

In addition to the pages you see within the Demo, additional pages — as many as you'd like — can be added to your design with just a click. Duplicate sections or entire pages seamlessly.

Experience Complete Flexibility

With Grace and Gold provides award-winning brand and web design for creative small business owners. With Grace and Gold was formerly honored as Showit Designer of the Year.

Benefit from StrategiC Design

Every detail of your Showit website template can be customized as much as you'd like. Adjust every detail of your design to create a website uniquely-aligned with your vision.

Customize Confidently

Enhance your Search Engine Optimization with Showit's built-in Search Engine Optimization tools. Showit's educational resources will equip you for success.

Enhance your SEO SEamlessly

Receive access to a variety of educational resources to guide you through seamlessly customizing and launching your new Showit website design in a matter of days. 

Be Equipped for Success

These days, creative small business owners wear many hats — we're photographers and educators, event planners and podcasters, course creators and coaches. 

That's why we created Collective — a bold, engaging, and colorful Showit website and blog for creative business owners who need an engaging, flexible design to house all of their unique offerings. Collective's design is rooted in community, connection, and in creating a user-friendly, engaging experience for every visitor. Customize every detail as much or as little as you'd like to, and begin welcoming your community.

About Collective

Showit Website Template by With Grace and Gold®

Lissie of Liss and Co.

"I built my website in 3 days, using With Grace and Gold’s template. Three Days. It was fun, simple, and intuitive, and best of all, beautiful. I am so grateful I chose With Grace and Gold and Showit for my website."

"I built my website in 3 days!"

Finally, a web design you can customize freely and confidently.

Nearly every type of update can be made with just a click!

Every detail of your Showit website template can be customized as much as you'd like. Adjust every detail of your design to create a website uniquely aligned with your vision.

Our completely-customizable Showit website templates are 10x more affordable than a custom design.

As a former Showit Designer of the Year, every Showit website template created by With Grace and Gold is with strategy and purpose.

Nearly every update you'd like to make can be made with just a double-click, so you can customize your design confidently.

No matter how your business evolves in the years ahead, making future updates to your design will remain easy and seamless.

With Showit's built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) resources, you can build or enhance your Search Engine Optimization.

Our provided resources, coupled with Showit's provided resources, make launching your new Showit website design seamless.

The features you value in a website design.

Showit Website Templates by With Grace and Gold®

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Begin customizing your new Showit website;

Vikki of Peaks x Pines

"Their designs checked off everything that I was looking for. The tiniest of details weren't overlooked."

Brigitte of Brigitte Renee Photography

"I had my new website running within 48 hours, and my business has since quadrupled in inquiries!"

Dakota of Dakota Layne Photography

"What could have been months of working on my website turned into only days!"

Liss of LisS + Co.

"I was able to build my website from the ground up in three days. Three Days. It was simple!"

Brynna of Brynna Kathleen Photography

"I was extremely WOWed by my experience of With Grace and Gold, and have purchased two more!"

Will I blog using WordPress?

Yes! Whether you are new to WordPress or you have always used a WordPress blog, with Showit, you will compose your blog posts via WordPress. Your blog will blend seamlessly with your web design.

What kind of support is offered?

In addition to With Grace and Gold's PDF resources, Video Tutorial Library, and customer Facebook community, you'll receive resources from Showit, too — like live chat support, video tutorials, and more!

Can any detail be changed?

Every detail of your chosen design can be adjusted in every possible way. Add, remove, or alter any and every detail within your design to achieve your unique goals and vision.

Why do you recommend Showit?

With Showit, you can customize every detail of your design freely and confidently. Your design is SEO-ready, completely-customizable (Try it out!) and designed for long-term use.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we do! Click on the "View Purchase Options" button below any design within our Shop, and you'll find a full-price option and payment-plan options. The choice is yours! 

Can I keep my blog?

Yes! Be sure to choose the "Advanced Blog" subscription. With the Advanced Blog subscription, Showit will manage and oversee the process of migrating your posts to your Showit/WordPress blog.

What is Showit?

Showit is an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop web design platform, which houses the design of your website. Showit is flexible, user-friendly and offers amazing customer service and support, too!

How much does Showit cost?

Like many web design platforms, Showit is a monthly subscription-based platform, which varies depending upon your chosen subscription. Showit will not only be your web design platform, but also your host.

Do I need to subscribe to Showit?

Yes, you do need to use Showit in order to use your design. Showit's monthly subscription is very much worthwhile, because you'll have a web design you love and can maintain confidently!

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