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Education for Fellow Designers

We believe every business owner has a unique definition of success. At With Grace and Gold, our hearts are for equipping and encouraging fellow business owners to succeed. Here, we're excited to guide you, step-by-step, as you create a design business you love and feel proud of, too!

Heartfelt, hands-on business education for designers.


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Meet with Kelly and Andra

Are you a designer who has specific questions or concerns about your design business—or design business ownership as a whole? Schedule a 1-hour, one-on-one business consulting meeting with Kelly and Andra of With Grace and Gold.

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Use the pricing strategy we use at With Grace and Gold with our Pricing Your Design Services guide.

Pricing Your Design Services


Market your design business in a purposeful way with Digital Marketing for Designers.

Digital Marketing for Designers


Use purposeful, professional e-mail communication, using our Emailing with Purpose and Poise guide.

Emailing with Purpose and Poise


Educational Resources


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Equip your clients for success following your design process. Use the exact Brand Style Guide used at With Grace and Gold®!

Customizable Brand Style Guide


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Present your Logo Proposal with purpose and professionalism with our Customizable Logo Proposal.

Customizable Logo Proposal


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A Brand Proposal can enhance your design process in many ways. Present your vision to your clients.

Customizable Brand Proposal


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Customizable Templates


Ready to launch a new website for yourself or for your client? Use our Website Launch Checklist!

Client Website Launch Checklist


Ready to launch a new brand? Use our Brand Launch Checklist to review every detail!

Client Brand Launch Checklist


How can you run your business well? Use our Housekeeping Checklist to be on track!

Business Housekeeping Checklist


Printable Checklists


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The With Grace and Gold® Workshop is a one-of-a-kind business education workshop for designers—a complete blueprint for brand, stationery, web, or freelance designers who want to experience successful design business ownership.

A complete business blueprint, exclusively for designers.

The With Grace and Gold® Workshop iS

abigail dyer

"The workshop literally changed my business forever... the ROI from this workshop is honestly incomprehensible!"

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Receive 10% off your first purchase from our Designer Education Shop, and be the first to know when new products arrive!

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